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Taking Measure

By Fritz Berggren, PhD

The interregnum (pause) between election and inauguration offers a moment to gather our thoughts on the struggle ahead, weigh out our position, and consider the wisest way forward.

This election was a disaster from the point of view of a viable and stable political future for the United States. Neither side sought chaos, virtual war, and deepening hatred. Yet we trend that way. Violence is afoot. How soon and how quick we will descend into a Bosnian hell is too early to tell.

Whether Biden or Trump is inaugurated in January, few believe things can return to normal.

Many Americans were red-pilled this fall — we understand, now, that that game was rigged from the beginning — the election was never meant to be a “fair” contest between rule-abiding parties. Red America has seen what the deep state and the Democrat party have done — there is no going back now. Trust in our institutions was shattered — no one will ever believe polling data again or trust “electronic” voting machines, which were designed, of course, to manipulate the vote in the middle of the night. The mainstream press refuses to acknowledge this — they pretend it never happened. The shameless lying in the media staggers even the most jaded of us. But the machines did what they were designed to — shift the vote just enough and stay in the shadows just enough to maintain plausible deniability.

The Left has conditioned the rest of us to “trust” our institutions: new sources, political leaders, scientists, and academics. They created an almost perfect soft totalitarianism where all information was controlled, and we were conditioned to be afraid of being “extreme” and “conspiracy” oriented. Questioning the “accepted” narrative put us in the crazies column.

But they pushed just a little too far and a little too fast.

In a panic now, the Left realized they overplayed their hand. We know — Red America knows — that the game is rigged. Too many of us who witnessed the callousness with which the “authorities” ran roughshod over our elections, and the mainstream media lied about it — it’s a replay of the Russia hoax, except this is about stealing the Presidential election.

America can never go back. The veil has been pierced. The trust is gone.

So where to go from here?

The Left could never have succeeded without support from so-called “conservatives.” The GOP is full of carpet baggers who saw a niche and filled it — they catered to the Right but never ever had the stomach for a fight. It was careerism at its height. They are invested in the system — it provides for them. They worship the system itself and care not for liberty or justice.

In a twisted way, the hard Left is imbued with morality — the are the true believers who, while not being willing to die for the cause, are certainly willing to kill for the cause or send others to their death. From a political point of view, they have truly backed themselves into a corner — it is not morally infeasible for them to find “compromise” with Nazi’s and Fascists and Racists and Islamophobes that our Red America is. However, the dehumanization of their political foes did not reach its full potential (thankfully). The full potential was that ALL White people and Christian people would bend over and kiss the feet of “others” and docilely succumb to the placement of a ring in our nose.

Make no mistake — many Christians allowed themselves to be enslaved. Their highest moral value seemed to be positioning themselves to receive the adulation of the anti-Christians.

Then there is the rest of us — we who are called the Deplorables, we the 15% (according to Biden) who are truly irredeemable. We woke up. We saw the truth. We faced the threat and have decided not to go gently into the night. This time, our betters won’t control us. This time we won’t trust the institutions, money, or leadership — we will own this ourselves.

And if that is true, that is the best possible outcome of our situation. We woke up in November 2020. The revival of Christian patriots is the silver bullet that can slay this evil beast — nothing short of this will suffice.

We must build our own institutions, like Caprock Patriot. We must look with a jaundiced eye on those who claim to have our interests at heart yet have betrayed us time and again.

The fight cannot be won by trusting in others — we must wake up. There is no one coming to help. It is up to us. God isn’t going to drop down out of heaven and save a sleeping people. God has looked down for generations, now, wondering when His people were going to wake up. He heard our prayers — and the prayers of our grandparents, who saw what was coming. And in this sense, America’s current state is an answer to all our prayer — conditions that force the Church to wake up.

Their goal is the elimination of our blood and faith. But we have been so danger adverse that we didn’t want to acknowledge the existential threat to our families and faith. We see it now. We are becoming dangerous.

The war will continue regardless of who wins. We are not on the cusp of rolling up the Marxist onslaught that has waged war on the Christian West since the French Revolution — it’s not going to stop just because some of us woke up to the fix we are in.

This sedition has been rolling for centuries — it will take blood and faith to re-establish a genuinely Christian nation in liberty.

Submitted by Fritz Berggren, PhD. For more information and to read more of his articles, visit


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