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Thank You!

By Paul McArthur, the Caprock Patriot

When this Coronavirus madness hit and most of my customers shut down, I was worried. Would I be able to put out a paper in May? Would my clients still be here?!

Yet, here I am putting out my SEVENTEENTH edition! A month ago, like many of my small business peers, I thought that I was done. Instead, here I am. Because of the virus, I’ve lost a few customers and (remarkably) gained a few more.

Some I lost because they simply folded up shop – which breaks my heart for them and their families. Some understandably had to take a break to focus on making sure their employees could survive.

My regular sponsors (GOD BLESS THEM) appreciate what I do and stuck with me. A few of the new, and previous sponsors, you see in this month’s edition were arbitrarily (and unconstitutionally) deemed ‘non-essential’ in April, so I ran their ad for free in May. In times like this, we can’t count on the ‘government’, we can only count on each other and our Father in Heaven.

Then, I had folks like Skeet and Don Workman, and Craig and Ann McDonald, bless me with stepping in to make sure the Caprock Patriot was able to keep going. THANK YOU!

Of all of the newspapers in America, and I have worked for the biggest ones, I feel I am truly blessed among men for having such amazing sponsors, readers, and supporters. I pray you, my readers, will help me return that blessing by using each of the businesses you see here when you need one of their products or services!

Whether the small business you see is in my paper or not, I pray you will support them! We have over 30-million small businesses in America. They are the lifeblood of any community. They are your family member, your neighbor, and the person you sit next to at Church. They don’t get unemployment. They haven’t received the promised SBA loans. Many have no income coming in at all! Imagine the stress as they see Walmart packed while they are unable to pay their bills; even though they may offer some of the same products (or better products!) that Walmart is selling!

Unlike a ‘big box store’, where your money goes to shareholders (nothing wrong with that!), when you spend your money at a local small business, it pays the same bills you worry over at home like rent, electricity, credit cards, doctor bills, etc. Without our support, those bills don’t get paid!

As of the time of writing, we have 22 million unemployed. For every 1 point of unemployment, the suicide rate goes up 1 point. That means, if we hit 32% unemployment, we will have 77K ‘deaths of despair’ – on top of the already tragic Coronavirus deaths.

You lose your business, then perhaps your house, your marriage suffers, then you potentially abuse drugs or alcohol… then you end your life. This is a fact. Not based on flawed ‘expert’ models but based on history. This is the unspoken toll of this shutdown that you won’t hear from the so-called ‘media’ and liberals who are screaming to keep us shut down for weeks or months.

Lubbock can’t let that happen! Support your small businesses. And, very importantly, support those who are independent contractors like your hairdressers, nail techs, and the like… the folks you know and love that aren’t getting any income at all because you can’t go – though you and I both know we’re starting to look like cavemen (and women) and need to get a haircut! Reach out to them, as others have done to me and my paper, and lend them a hand.

I am not minimizing the threat and devastation that this virus has caused. But it’s time we start ‘flattening the curve’ on the rest of our lives: our family interactions, our right to worship together, our right to grow our businesses, and our right to the liberties that are being taken away.

God Bless!

Submitted by Paul McArthur, President & Publisher of the Caprock Patriot; Proud Navy Veteran and host of Caprock Patriot Live on AM580/FM95, weekdays from 5:00-6:00 pm.




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