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The Blackout of Conservative News

By Soaring Eagle

As I stated in previous articles, the Democrats could not win the Presidency without massive fraud.  This is playing out before our eyes.  The MSM is not reporting the true story of this election, hoping to make people believe Joe Biden won the election.  They want you to believe a man that could not garner more than a few hundred at any rally, suffering from early signs of dementia, and under extreme pressure to address his families’ corruption had little hope of winning more votes than any president in history without the use of fraud.

The fact the MSM is “all in” to cover Biden’s shortcomings and shield the public from honest reporting of the brazen and blatant voter fraud is just damning.  It is frustrating and, unfortunately, fairly effective.  I have an educated conservative friend that had all but thrown in the towel until I sent him coverage that had been blacked out by the MSM he had not seen from FOX or any MSM.  Once he saw the blackout efforts being used and evidence reported on NEWSMAX, OAN, and the Epoch Times, he was amazed that our media was acting like a Soviet style propaganda arm of the Democrat party.  He now knows the fight is far from over.  Our Constitutional system is at stake, and it is the most important battle we have to win since WWII.

The violence committed by the left is downplayed or not reported by the MSM.  All the Democrats have to offer is fascist intimidation, lies, propaganda, and hate for Trump.  The MSM has brainwashed people because the media is owned by the Progressive/Globalist/Communist left.  The stock market is rising on the assumption that Trump will win in two very likely scenarios, plus the COVID remedy is on the way.  The MSM is obfuscating this by blocking transparency.  Al Gore had 37 days to challenge his election results, and Trump has just begun his legal challenges.  The Dominion voter machine scandal is documented and will show the vote was manipulated by 2.7 million votes or more.  This is just another coup attempt by the left because they know if Trump gets four more years, they will be exposed and held accountable.  That is what the last four years have been all about, trying to keep Trump from draining the Swamp.  The evidence is overwhelming that this election has been corrupted by Deep State brazen fraud.

Do you really think Joe Biden generated enough enthusiasm to get the most votes of any president in history?  You must be willfully ignorant to believe that.  If you get your news from MSNBC and CNN, you only get the Globalist agenda backed propaganda, and you don’t know any better.  Do you know about Agenda 21?  If you don’t, you need to look it up.  This is not a conspiracy theory, as the left wants to label all of us as conspiracy theorists, that have read it and talk about it.  When you are mocked by the left, you are probably on the right track, and they use this because they cannot mount a defense other than to label you as a nut.  Being dismissive is not a compelling reason to deny the truth or falseness of an accusation.  Ask for real facts; denying the accuracy of information without evidence of the divergent view is the surrender of your own right to the facts.  Maintain your doubt if they are not countered by real debate and demand answers.  Use logic and reason to determine your position and never let others own you.

President Trump has performed incredibly well despite overwhelming attacks by the media, Democrats, Progressives/Communists, and the Davos crowd (Globalists) for the last four years.  The deck has been stacked, but President Trump has won against every coup attempt they have launched, and he has gained the respect of Americans across all genders and races.  As General George Patton famously said, “Americans love a winner and will not tolerate a loser.  Americans play to win all the time.  That’s why Americans have never lost a war.”  Trump has embraced that knowledge of the American people and knows the heart of Americans.  The Nation has been hungering for a fighter for our values and place in history that the political and diplomatic class have wasted away since the 1960s.  He also understands the warning that President Eisenhower stated about the military-industrial complex.  War is a financial game for companies that build our war machines, that line the pockets of politicians, Defense Contractors, and Lobbyists that write the Bills for Congress they do not read before passing.  Remember, Nancy Pelosi passed a Bill (Obama Care) saying we have to pass it to know what is in it.  That is an astounding statement.  Our Congress does not read the Bills before they come to a vote!  This is outrageous!  The idea is to make a Bill so long (thousands of pages) that nobody has the time to know what is in it before it is time to come to the floor.

We need to pass the line-item veto or limit the size of a Bill that comes before Congress and force our Representatives to read them before they vote on them.  Congress needs to write the Bills, not Lobbyists; that is their job. We also need to have term limits and make sure Congressmen and women get the same retirement for their service as our military, 2.5% a year.

The founders did not envision political service as being a career or business.  Too long in office creates the same problem as not changing a baby’s diapers regularly.

We have a chance to change these things now.  Keep the faith.  President Trump can address some of this in a second term, and he will have a second term despite the blackout of conservative news by the MSM because the American people are scared of our own government’s desire to lock us down, block our speech, deny religious freedom, and attack our second amendment rights.  President Trump is the fighter for our values, liberties, and freedoms that maintain America as the place that so many want to come to.  Under Trump, we remain the country of opportunity for those that want to work for it.

Wake up and keep the faith.  Stand up to the oppressive forces against us.  Do not surrender your freedom.

Soaring Eagle is the nom de plume for a retired Army Colonel with National Security credentials, foreign diplomatic, and National Defense experience.




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