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The Christian’s Obligation Hasn’t Changed

By Senator Charles Perry

Clichés get old and don’t have much more to say that hasn’t already been said. It is time for action. Specifically, the people of the Christian faith, now more than ever, must engage the political process. Its absence in the political process, creating unmet Christian obligations of a self-governed society, is finally coming home to roost. In concept, the Christian mission is simple. Love God above all others and treat each other as you want to be treated. God is a jealous and righteous God. Accordingly, there is an expectation of obedience and repentance in order to receive the promised salvation of an eternity beyond human comprehension where the broken are fixed and never hurt again. Repentance – the turning away from sin. Obedience – an adherence and loyalty to our sovereign creator, and his inspired word. The requirements of repentance and obedience to fulfill God’s will, are contrary to basic human nature conceived in sin, therefore by nature sinful. “Original Sin”, took the focus off God, and put it on us as individuals. He allowed free will to choose this path, He is not a God of imposition. In the name of political correctness, repentance and obedience have all but been eliminated from the teachings of mainstream churches.

Today, we are seeing the fruits of a “ME” society. Republican, Democrat, black, white, brown, or any other balkanized group of the day are all guilty of self-gratification first and others second. Good has only one source. Evil is the absence of God, subject to all the perversions of mankind. In a secular world where “ME” is the objective, we end up with the moral code only limited by the number of people living.

If there are people yet to hear the gospel, and there are God-fearing people to spread God’s truth, the Christian’s job is not done. The Great Commission calls us out into a secular world to spread the Gospel. The success of God’s gift of self-governing established by a Constitutional Republic is contingent upon moral, educated, and engaged people. The writings clearly acknowledged the understanding of a single moral lawgiver. All the blessings from a self-governing people were inseparable from the moral lawgiver. In other words, self-governance requires anchoring in a never-changing incorruptible source of truth. If it is not logical to a Christian mind, it must be spiritual.

Politics, unchecked, and unhinged from the truth, provides a platform for evil to hide, perpetuate, and destroy.  Our silence, coupled with the hypocrisy of the Christian walk looking more like the secular world, has created a void that evil has filled. We have an obligation to engage the secular world thru the civil process to provide a moral conscience to a nation that has lost its way. The erosion of the moral underpinning by lack of participation is something we will be accountable for on judgment day. Our obligation is the same as it was the day God created us. Fellowship with Him and loving others so that they may know Him.

I share this with a reminder, this is not my rules but God’s rules. We should love each other enough to hold each other accountable to His will as outlined in His word, not for our soul but for theirs.

As society self-implodes, we need to be bold in the Word, the hope it brings, convicted in truth, and committed to act fulfilling the obligation of our Christian faith.

As you cast your vote in the 2020 election this month and next, I humbly ask you to pray before you vote. Much is at stake. Early voting is October 13th – 30th. Election day is November 3rd.

God bless you and God Bless America.

Submitted by Senator Charles Perry. For more information, please visit and follow Senator Perry on Facebook at @ElectCharlesPerry


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