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The Concerning Trend in Coincidences

By Soaring Eagle

Isn’t it fascinating that the Suez Canal is blocked by a ship with the call sign H3RC (FACT), owned by a company named Evergreen (Hillary’s Secret Service code name. FACT) and that it drew a phallic symbol in its satellite tracked course before entering the canal (FACT). I think this was the globalists giving the finger to all of us.

Fuel shortages and price increases have already begun in Europe (FACT). Shortages of everyday items will cause hoarding and further the chaos and allow government crackdowns. Anyone think this was an accident?

Anytime something of this nature happens it is labelled a conspiracy theory if you don’t “buy” the approved narrative. Remember Pizza Gate, Russia hoax, the death of Scalia (no autopsy), Seth Rich, the stolen election, Epstein’s suicide, the COVID plandemic, nursing home deaths, fake news, and Benghazi were all called conspiracy theories because the analysis did not fit the agenda driven narrative. None of these have ever been brought to closure and still linger in the air like a bad smell.

Another clue is when the media reports that a conspiracy theory has been debunked… without investigation. It is the globalist way of dismissing any opposition similar to Joe Biden’s, “Come on man.”  Clever it is, when you are met with a divergent view of circumstances you just dismiss it and the people with that view as crazy, stupid, and not worthy of a response from the self-serving elitist mob.

How is it that coincidence seems to favor the leftist agenda in all the cases listed above?  I would bet Las Vegas dice tables would not welcome that kind of consistency.  It is past time for us to demand to see the evidence of the “investigations” alleged to have debunked all these coincidences.  We are told repeatedly without evidence that all these conspiracy theories have been debunked.  By whom and when?

So many questions and so few answers about major events like those above.  Another massive gap in details remains in the Las Vegas sniper massacre.  With all the loss of privacy in our communications, purchasing habits, and travel due to an invasive government intelligence apparatus how is it possible to know nothing about the shooter’s motive, financing, or communications?  Funny how that tragedy has disappeared completely from any discussion.  Dare we ask the FBI or NSA for more revelations without being cancelled for the audacity to ask the questions?  It appears that if most cellphone conversations and video evidence that have been gleaned from inside the Capitol on January 6th can be traced to Trump supporters (but, coincidentally, very few reported BLM or ANTIFA activists) we should have the ability to answer a lot of the questions remaining about the events listed above should the same level of interest from our formerly trusted agencies be focused on transparency.

We must understand by now that our politicians and three letter agencies assume we will lose interest quickly when the event they want “disappeared” is overcome by the next diversion and goes silent in the media.  Of course, when you bring up said events the response is predictable, “that is old, debunked, and irrelevant now… move along, nothing to see here” or words to that effect.

Do not lose your curiosity or desire to hold our officials accountable.  Ask the questions and encourage others to ask the questions again and again until they cannot be ignored.  Our safety, security, and justice systems demand that we the people do our part.

Soaring Eagle is the nom de plume for a retired Army Colonel with National Security experience.

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