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The Election Results Were Telegraphed Early

By Soaring Eagle

Some things just don’t make sense when you listen to the mainstream media and compare it to the actual events occurring all around us.  For instance, when you have a CNN reporter standing in front of a burning building telling you that the protests are mostly peaceful.  If Joe Biden has a significant lead in the polls, why is he using Obama and other celebrities as surrogates while he retires to his basement?  Why is Joe Biden taking no questions about his family corruption, and why is the MSM not allowing reporters to ask questions about it?  The reasons are apparent, Joe doesn’t have the stamina to compete with Trump nor a platform that can stand up to a reality check, and the Biden family corruption is massive.  He is not competent to run or competitive without serious voter fraud.  The Democrats know this and are pulling out all the stops they can to drag Joe across the finish line in hopes that their coup attempt and treason can be hidden from another Trump administration.  The Democrat panic is palpable.

Why would merchants be boarding up their storefronts in cities across the country before election day?  It must have something to do with violent threats from the left if their candidate doesn’t win.  Sounds suspiciously like a threat from a fascist mentality that has consumed the Democrat party.  Evidently, people that have been seeing the violence unleashed in Democrat-run areas believe that Trump will win reelection; therefore, they must protect their property from the fascist mobs by boarding them up now.

Why would formerly respected journalists wreck their reputations by telling lies so obvious that they lose all credibility for themselves and their Network?  CNN was a respected network before the Clintons and has progressively (I use the term carefully) gotten away from real journalism to promote propaganda so absurd it is laughable.  The latest joke is, “Brian Stelter is a journalist.”  It must be a Russia thing.

The violence in Democrat-run cities has run amok.  The MSM doesn’t report it and could care less because it doesn’t support their propaganda narrative or their chosen candidate for President.  All they want is to get Biden across the finish line, so they won’t be held accountable for fake news anymore.  You have to ask yourself why the Democrats have to manipulate, spin, lie, and intimidate if their message is so much better than the conservative message?  The answer is, their message is a lie and always has been a lie since LBJ created the “Big Tent” party.  As history has proven, representing all views of morality eventually leads you to stand for absurdities like multiple genders and creating special classes of hate crimes that were already illegal to satisfy a specific hate group for votes.  You may think Biden would have called out the criminals instigating riots and burning the cities, but he didn’t because they are part of his base.

When Nancy Pelosi said Donald Trump would not serve a second term, “one way or another,” she meant it, and no means were off the table even if scores of people had to die.  The Democrats have generated the three greatest hoaxes ever perpetrated on the American people.  First, Global Warming, now called Climate Change because the science actually doesn’t back up the predictions like the polar ice caps will be melted by 2014.  Second, the Russia hoax that was really a Democrat coup attempt lasting for over three years.  Third, the COVID 19 pandemic, predicted by Fauci in January 2017, was timed perfectly for destroying the economy before this year’s election.  He stated, “there is no doubt Donald J. Trump will be confronted with a surprise infectious disease outbreak during his presidency.”

You literally have to be willfully ignorant or a communist to vote for a Democrat today.  They have been so exposed for what they really are it is a blessing to all Americans and a wake-up call.  Thanks to a patriotic non-politician that serves the people, not a party, that tells it like it is (Donald Trump), we can see through the garbage the media and corrupt politicians have fed us for over two decades.

November third will be a landslide for Donald Trump and a call to arms by the fascists backing the Biden campaign.  It won’t last long.  I suspect that rioters arrested on Domestic Terrorism charges will be sent to Guantanamo for trial, and any ANTIFA or BLM forays outside Democrat run areas will be attended to by conservative justice.  Remember, mercenaries do not want to die for a cause; they just want to get paid… and the financiers will be running for cover.

Submitted by Soaring Eagle. Soaring Eagle is the nom de plume for a retired US Army Colonel with national security credentials and international advisory experience.

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