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The Fight is Against Evil

By Soaring Eagle

The Democrats/Communists have used every smear tactic they can against President Trump.  They attempted to remove an elected President from office using a corrupted FBI, CIA, and Deep State in a coup attempt.  The mainstream media (MSM) was complicit in this.  Their effort to extricate themselves from this treason has caused them to expose themselves completely.  Adam Schiff is probably a GOP gift as his hate and lies have proven time and again empty.  People who did not want to believe the “conspiracy theories” about the Democrats being socialists who still can use reason and logic, are moving to the right.  A couple of years ago, the Democrats said that anyone thinking they were socialists or communists were conspiracy theorists. They have now been outed, and even Democrats are claiming they are socialists.  But the truth is, they are communists, bought, and paid for by a dangerous Global Cabal of billionaires.

If you ever wondered why the MSM uses the same talking points (CNN, MSNBC, ABC, NBC, CBS…), it is because they are owned by the Davos billionaires taking over the world.  These are arrogant, narcissistic, sociopath, elitists who believe they should rule the world and think 85% of us are irrelevant.  If you can imagine Hitler multiplied by 10K, this is the Davos crowd (Bilderberg or Illuminati) that wants to run the world and exterminate 85% of the population to “save the planet.”

To accomplish this Herculean feat, they must put Biden in office, disarm America and chip us.  The mercenary “brown shirt army” behind all this, such as Black Lives Matter and Antifa, are being used to create chaos and undermine Law and Order.  They will be exterminated as soon as they have served their purpose.  They are too ignorant to realize they are pawns.  Democrats are experts at manipulating hate and fear.  They have kept the majority of the black population afraid to leave their “plantation” for decades.  They are still the KKK, George Wallace, and Jim Crow party, but their uneducated base never realized they were being lured into the same slavery for decades.   Unfortunately, some of their own sold them out, victimized them, and made fortunes… and still do.

President Trump is the first Conservative President to effectively fight this hateful and despicable Democrat narrative in decades. It is one reason they hate him with a passion.  Telling the truth on them is dangerous and potentially deadly, but it has split the Democrat Party.

President Obama could have been the most positive experience America ever had for race relations and mutual respect.  He was the opposite of that.  Race relations before Obama were making consistent progress toward higher virtues.  Blacks were not, for the most part, claiming victimhood except for those whose livelihood depended on a continued racial divide.  It was a hard sell.  In fact, racism was so beaten down, it had to be reinvented (hoaxes).  When actors like Eddie Murphy, James Earl Jones, Samuel Jackson, Oprah Winfrey, Morgan Freeman, and Queen Latifa earned millions from mixed audiences, and we elected a black president, it is tough to claim racism.  They should be embarrassed by their hypocrisy, but the Hollywood machine is bought and paid for by the Davos crowd.  They, too, will be dumped and mocked for their ignorance once they have served the Davos’ purpose of destroying America.

If you think Soros has changed his advocacy for a master race, you do not understand what a “One World Government” is all about.  They get to pick and choose winners and losers… who lives and who dies.  You see, the human dimension never changes.  Evil men/women will always rise up to rule over the “sheep” and enslave them.  It is consistent throughout world history.  Heroes have sometimes come to the rescue of humanity.  Churchill, Eisenhower, Marshall, Nimitz, Patton, Bomber Harris, Doolittle, and Bradley come to mind as saving the planet from the Fascists of WWII.  Lincoln, Grant, Chamberlain, Sherman, and Meade saved the Republic from the challenge of their time.  The costs were incalculable in both situations.  Who will rise up to defeat the domestic terrorists and the traitors at war with us today?  President Trump is trying while the Democrats are burning their own cities to incite violence.  They have goaded him to declare martial law so they could paint him as a dictator… but he didn’t take the bait.  The Democrats are reaping what they have sown according to the latest poll numbers.

Now, with the death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg, violence will increase, the Democrats will attempt to take power, in the words of Nancy Pelosi, “one way or another.”  Thanks to Harry Reid, Trump’s nominee can be confirmed with a simple majority… but he expected the Democrats to benefit from his biased leadership.  Unfortunately, the evil behind the Democrats is far worse than most of us can even begin to fathom.  This is a Satanic evil with plans that make the Nazis look like preschool.  Prepare for the civil war that is upon us.

We must win.  Pray for God’s deliverance. 

Soaring Eagle is the nom de plume for a retired US Army Colonel with national security credentials and international advisory experience.




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