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The Passing of Ruth Bader Ginsburg

By Charles Johns

It is considered uncouth to speak ill of those recently passed, so I will do my best to abide by that thinking. Any look at her record shows she was one of the most liberal judges ever on the supreme court, and her oath to “Preserve, Protect, and Defend the Constitution” often seemed by conservatives, to be ignored. When she found the “right to privacy” in the Constitution so a woman could have an abortion, conservatives felt their opinion of her was vindicated. Liberals said abortion would be legal, safe, and rare, now that it was ruled a right of women. Unfortunately, 60 million dead innocent babies later, we know that too was a lie of the left. So, when liberals speak of the Hitler horror of 6-million dead Jews in the holocaust, America’s numbers of dead innocent lives are ten times higher. While liberal democrats wear that number as a badge of honor, Christians see it as a national disgrace and look at Roe v Wade for what it is, a court ruling, and NOT law.

But liberals love making law from the bench when they know congress will not pass a legally binding law they want. The supreme court was not set up to make law and our Constitution says so in Article I – Section 1, “ALL legislative action shall be vested in a congress…” Exceptions are not mentioned or even suggested in any way. But liberal secular democrats constantly refer to supreme court rulings as the law of the land, showing their ignorance of the Constitution or basic lawmaking, or maybe it shows their willingness to lie to American citizens to bypass Constitutional requirements. In my 77 years, I suggest the latter is probably true, and history proves most politicians are Constitutional crooks.

All politicians love power more than almost anything, and when liberal democrats gained the power to legislate from the bench because congress lost its nerve to hold liberals feet to the fire on highly debated matters, as few as five liberal Supreme Court judges became America’s oligarchy. Do not give so-called conservative politicians a pass on this matter. Their actions prove they also like it, because they can point to the court when things get heated, saying congress did not pass a law but the court ruled in a manner most conservatives do not like, thereby “passing the buck” to the court. That gives the court power never granted and helps take the blame off congress. A wonderful situation for Congress when election day arrives. Back when Democrats were actually in Congress to keep America safe, Harry Truman, a democrat, coined the phrase, THE BUCK STOPS HERE, and had a sign made saying so on his desk. To him, “passing the buck” was a coward’s choice he refused to do. To show how serious he was about making hard decisions, he dropped two atomic bombs on Japan… his decision.

In today’s Democrat party, several committees would be organized to spread any blame, just in case things went wrong, and speeches would be drafted to show how hard liberals tried to arrive at the best possible answer for the problem at hand. Taking responsibility has not been part of my Democrat party in decades, and that is just one reason I left after I voted for Carter… his first term.

The slow destruction of our Constitution by liberals has been happening for decades, with Roe v Wade and Affirmative Action, while Ruth Bader Ginsburg was leading the way. I chose to think she did not hate America but was misguided into thinking her liberal twisting of what our Constitution means, was better than what those old white wigged founding MEN envisioned. She was a powerful woman who left her mark on American law. Unfortunately for her legacy, the liberal decisions she made, like Truman’s, cost innocent lives, and while Truman’s ended a war, her decisions started one.

I fear that war will be the end of the best system ever devised for maximum citizen freedom.

Submitted by Charles Johns, Abilene, TX. Charles is a Navy Veteran that served on 3 carriers, spent 20 years as a TV tech, 50 years building cars, and 10+ years as a shop superintendent and Police Depart­ment armorer. He graduated from Elkins Institute in Dallas (the same school Rush Limbaugh attended). He holds a Federal Firearms License as a gunsmith, with his own 100-yard gun-range for 21 years. Charles can be reached at or 325-704-4872

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