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The Same Old Standby Coverup

By Soaring Eagle

The Biden/Harris ticket burns less brightly each passing day.  Even more than 15% of Democrats believe the election was stolen.  Seems that every new day brings more corruption to light and opportunities for the left to expose their treason.  Even the RINO population is being clearly exposed so they can suffer the same justice as their socialist comrades.  I am beginning to feel the hot tension of the coiled spring that has been ever tightened on the law-abiding citizens since November 4th.   Patriots of all sorts are ready for a fight.  Danger looms on the horizon and America is armed and ready for the impending war.

Meanwhile, the recent incidents in Rochester and Nashville were, not so covert, operations to destroy evidence of election fraud.  The AT&T building housed evidence from the November 3rd election.  It was (reportedly) also an NSA surveillance site that would be able to monitor communications in and around the Georgia Senate runoff.  The suspicious Rochester fire was confined to a printing company that… you guessed it, printed ballots for the November 3rd election.  At best these are convenient events with bad timing, at worst it is more evidence of the corruption and willingness to remove Trump, as Nancy said, “one way or another.”

The blast in Nashville has multiple angle video surveillance footage showing that the explosion did not generate from the RV; however, not to be confused by real investigative evidence the FBI immediately solved the case by identifying a patsy that was dead at the scene.  A narrative was put forward that is intended to wrap up the case.  Nothing to see here, move along.   Videos of, what looked like, a missile trail prior to the explosion and slow-motion analysis bring many questions that the MSM and FBI do not want to address.  Some have even speculated that this was a Directed Energy Weapon (DEW) fired from a Chinese satellite.   That is far more plausible than the FBI version of events but is far more terrifying.

In fact, a spectacular unexplained burning space debris video was posted online two days later.  ( Seems the event took place over West Virginia.  More speculation than evidence opines the debris is the Chinese satellite that used the DEW on the Nashville site.  That would mean we are at war in cyber space and outer space with the Chinese… but not a peep out of the MSM.

I do not know for sure what happened, but I have seen this “patsy” coverup too many times to believe it anymore.  What happened in the Las Vegas shooting?  RFK assassination, anyone?  MLK?  Oswald?  Seth Rich? Epstein?  All of these were conveniently wrapped up leaving few if any real answers.

Having a dead patsy at the scene that owned the RV blamed for the explosion is really too ham handed to believe.  Too convenient when the “suicide revenge bombing” carefully prevented casualties and allegedly was a disgruntled employee angry about 5G.

Does any of this make sense outside of an attempt to remove Trump from office?  “One way or Another.”

Finally, what has happened to the loud mouths: Comey, Brennan, McCabe, and Clapper?  They seem to have disappeared or gone silent.  We can only pray that there are good reasons for their silence.  We have also heard nothing from Gina Hasple (current CIA Director) since the raid on the servers in Frankfurt.

These are all things that make you go hmmmm….

Soaring Eagle is the Nom de Plume of a retired Army Colonel with National Security and diplomatic credentials.

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