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To Arms! To Arms!

By Mitchell D. Cochran

Attention all Lubbockites! Attention all West Texans! Planned Parenthood is making a return to Lubbock!  We must do whatever we can to stop this!

Call or email you local representative NOW! And do so daily. “We the People” are the foundation of our government whether it be federal, state, or local. We the People must rise up.

The silent majority must speak.

Lives are on the line.  If this center is not stopped, babies will die.

Simply send this email or one like it to Mayor Pope and to your respective council representative:

“Dear Mayor/Councilman:

Planned Parenthood is making a return to Lubbock.  We the People of Lubbock, TX, will not stand for it.  We will not stand for the murder of our most vulnerable.  What are you doing to protect the unborn?  What are you doing to stop this abortion center?  As my representative/mayor, I call upon you to act in the name of the unborn babies whose lives are in danger.  I eagerly await your response.

For Life,


Mayor Pope –

District 1 –

District 2 –

District 3 –

District 4 –

District 5 –

District 6 –

If you do not know your district, there is district map, along with more contact information, found at

Remember, election season is upon us.  Tell your representatives what you expect of them. And vote accordingly!


Mitchell D. Cochran.  Clinical Mental Health Counseling student at Liberty University.

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