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Trump Points

By Clay Wheat 

First and foremost, I serve the One true Living God who calls his followers to live out our faith in a way that sacrificially serves others and consistently declares salvation coming in the redemption from our fallen, sinful condition.  Also, that resurrected eternal life in glorious communion with God comes only through self-repentance in surrender to our Savior Jesus Christ according to His eternal written word.

My primary mission to the world is to proclaim: Christ lived a perfect life, was tortured then killed as a willing sacrificial substitution for the wrath you and I earned in self-willed disobedience to God’s perfect law, miraculously was resurrected from the dead, seated at the right hand of God awaiting the final judgment of those who refused his grace along with the restoration of His children in the kingdom of God with a new Heaven and a new earth.  My allegiance to my God with His kingdom must be immeasurably greater than my allegiance to this country, humans, or organizations.

In light of this, many will assume I am misguided or disingenuous to stump for Donald Trump.  I ask that you give a moment to allow me to make the case that the only logical conclusion for sincere Christians who long for the wellbeing of believers and godly governing of this nation is not who is portrayed as the nicest guy in the Presidential election but the one with the radically more concrete Biblical running mate, appointees, and policies to guide our country.  The only disclaimer – whatever you do, do not let disagreement on this issue cloud your recognized need for constant surrender to, then fellowship, with the one and only eternal Savior of the World – JESUS CHRIST.

The largely borrowed Bullet points for my case for Donald Trump follows:

A 26-year-old already had a list, so this list is my attempt, generally designed around a talk by Charlie Kirk of Turning Point USA, at a meeting I attended in Cisco, Texas, on October 11th.

  1. Most Pro-Life President in American history: First President to speak at the March for Life, Rescinded Mexico City Policy, which means no more international funding for abortion, Slashed Planned Parenthood funding, outspoken about life beginning at conception.
  2. Preventing the passage of the LGBTQ “Equality Act”: This act would give government civil and criminal doctrinal control over the churches concerning the definition of sin and the practice of Christianity in all its aspects, both corporately and individually.
  3. Israel: Amazing, unbelievable peace deal signed with Emirates and is close to the same with much Arab world, moved the US Embassy to Jerusalem, recognized the Golan Heights, kept Palestinian authorities in check, rescinded Iran Nuclear deal, the most peaceful atmosphere between Israel and the Arabs world in decades.
  4. Judges: Judge appointments who defend Original Intent of the Constitution, Religious Liberty, and the rights for Christians to freely practice their faith under increasing hostility from the left, especially left-leaning judges. Many are strong Christians and defenders of life. He appoints them up and down the federal court system culminating in Gorsuch, Kavanaugh, and now Amy Coney Barrett.
  5. Signed the most historic and transformative Prison reform called The First Step Act: Second chances for people with very long sentences but have proven good behavior, a good credit system, have earned the goodwill of prison guards, and for those who are obviously ready for re-entry. This affects black and brown people to the greatest extent.
  6. Historical VA Accountability Act: Overhaul of Veteran’s health care system and giving the ability to fire bad people in veterans’ affairs. After 40 years of talk – radical improvement.
  7. Right to Try Act: Terminal patients are given a voluntary right to try more risky drugs, which saves lives and radically speeds testing as they go more directly into human trials hence speeding the availability of transformative drugs to the general public. This also required working with pharmaceutical companies to get rid of liability measures.
  8. Tax Reform Act: Biggest middle-class tax cut in American history, including expanding a working mother’s tax cut and included a paid eight-week family leave for new mothers, which can be borrowed or taken through your Social Security money.
  9. Re-Asserted American Sovereignty: No longer bowing our Nation to NATO, the UN, WORLD TRADE ORGANIZATION, etc.  We no longer primarily fund them, then cower to the sinister globalist forces and Internationalist.
  10. Economy: Before the shutdown, we had the best economy in history, where 6 million black workers got off food stamps and into meaningful work. Trump is berated for not shutting the economy down enough and equally berated for having a weak economy for the level of shutdown he called for.
  11. Council and Administrators: Has gone out of his way to surround himself with people of faith implementing Biblical values and principles.
  12. Immigration/Law and Order: President Trump has been unwavering. Imagine terrorists, cartels, and foreign espionage agents freely entering our nation unchecked “Open Borders”.  Now combine this with defunded police to see your children’s future.

It might seem confounding when this guy who has not always lived a Christian model life and sometimes says things that make you cringe is our most pro-life of all Presidents, surrounds himself with people of faith and stands steadfastly with Israel.

Charlie Kirk stated, “Well, of course, God is going to work in a way that confuses you.  That is called Sampson, Cyrus, and King David.” He has a New York Street Fighter Persona.

One more thing:  He has done more to contending against child sex trafficking than any other president, just reallocating 100 million dollars to end this on the southern border.

Lastly, Trump, like it or not, is the only barrier at our disposal against the socialistic catastrophe, rampant in the Democratic Party, being repeated for ridiculously one more failed time destroying our nation.  Humans, like the mule pulling the cart, are ultimately motivated by carrots or whips.  Socialism always strips the carrots (rewards) then always leads to whips (punishment) and tyranny. A few elites are controlling the many.  Around 100,000,000 people died at their hands in the last century.  Pay attention to the vile, ruthless hatred toward the successful.  Greed is at the heart of socialism under the guise of compassion.  If leftists think the police have too much power now, wait till every heartless bureaucracy has absolute power to impose the central government’s will over each individual.  What insanity to think Marxism and less police could possibly co-exist.

The two largest anti-Christian issues which I see Vice-President Biden pushing are;

  1. Abortion up to the point of birth. A most hideous concept that a baby can have its life “terminated”, can be Killed up to the point of full passage thru the birth canal. Cannot wrap my head around a baby that kicks, rolls, hick-ups, and expresses emotion through the wall of the womb about to be revealed in all the glory of creation can be indiscriminately killed without consequence at the choice of a confused, deceived mother and a deranged doctor for hire! Early term abortion seems people may simply have been coerced into thinking this is not a real baby – less in your face reality. The last months can’t hold this argument, yet an entire party of grownups, a presidential candidate, and a Vice-Presidential candidate vow to fight for the privilege of doing this unimpeded!!!  This is Ghastly!! Not worthy of dignity. No free pass for anyone supportive. How far can any decent human being distance themselves from such a barbaric concept, much less support and practice the same?  What level of self-justifying deception must one embrace to be a party to this? Unfathomable! “But Trump is rude, boastful and exaggerates, I’m in such a moral dilemma as to who to vote for”.   Who has bewitched you?  Not that it matters in this light, but it is as if you think the other option is not ruthlessly deceitful and power-hungry but only has one flaw – just wants to kill these babies.
  1. “The Equality Act” will demand churches, synagogues, Christian schools, businesses, etc. to hire and treat with equal status and honor activities without reservation any LGBTQ Identifying persons. This lifestyle/identity clearly and directly defies instructive biblical teaching. The government would hold authority over our religious leadership requirements and, ultimately, our stated theology of belief in divinely mandated adherence to scripture. This would lead to civil penalty ruin of any resistance to government mandated practice of religion then eventually criminal prosecution and imprisonment of bible believing Christians.  Some federal judges are all that stand partially in the gap at the moment, even without the passage of this act.  Stacking of a liberal supreme court with the judges who already rule against Christian liberties would be total imposition of political screening of religion, thus government being the supreme authority of religion requiring religion to its bidding. Vice president Biden vowed to make passing this bill his top priority from his first day in office in a speech in August. Any moral dilemma here really confuses me!

It is clear that Christ’s followers are to walk boldly, faithfully, and unwavering in every form of Government or Societal oppression or abuse.  Christians are by far the most persecuted faith on our planet, from ruthless killing, raping, burning, or imprisoning currently common in Iran along with a large portion of the Middle East, Africa, and now India, to imprisonment, economic exclusion, and sudden “disappearances” of Christians in China.

We are not dependent on the government to walk with our God, but our freedoms and livelihoods are.  An Anti-Biblical, Anti-Christian Society movement in the USA would not be unique in the world, but in God’s Kingdom could be quite painful for those we love.

Submitted by Clay Wheat. Clay is an entrepreneur in oil and gas, real estate, and ranching. Clay pastors Firstfruits Christian Fellowship, Gorman Texas,, PO Box 751, Eastland Texas 76448

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