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Unrest in Pieces

By Dr. Jim Sulliman

Things are going to get meaner and meaner from now until November 3 as we will see with “20-20 Di-vision.” Trump is seen by Democrats as an arrogant, egotistical, unscrupulous, lying, showman, who acts less presidential than perhaps anyone who has ever occupied the office. He is going to infuriate Democrats like never before by the things he says and does. They will not believe that anyone besides gun carrying, white racist, high school dropouts will vote for him when they can elect such a good, loving, Christian man like Joe Biden who will end the pandemic and finally put an end to the “institutional racism” that manifests itself so clearly each time a white police officer kills a black person.

Because so many Democrats deeply care about their fellow man and woman, it will be infuriating for them to hear Republicans talk about “equality” when the most cursory look at our nation reveals massive inequality regarding education, healthcare, housing, finances, and the legal system.

Trump and Republicans will characterize Biden and Democrats as poster children for failed economic policies, horrific trade deals, abysmal leadership failures on the local, state, and national levels whose only concern is keeping the poor dependent on the Democratic Party so its leaders can gain power and personal wealth like the Clintons, Obamas, and Sanders. Democrats will be portrayed as people who are clueless regarding national security and public safety who will confront mass inner-city shootings by sending in an inclusive choir of all races, faiths, and sexual preferences, encouraging the murderers to put down their weapons and join them in singing Kum Bah Yah.

Trump will point to the Dow Jones record highs, massive housing starts, severe drops in unemployment, and greater employment of minorities than ever before to show his economic leadership while pointing to the elimination of what was the constant threat and saber-rattling of North Korea during the Biden years. Making America even greater and less dependent on other countries, like China, for medicines, will further reflect the chasm between his embrace of independence, contrasted with the dependence on government and other nations that Democrats view positively.

The Democratic strategy will be to make this about the good guys who deeply care about ALL Americans, particularly those who do not feel “equal,” people who they will immediately help, VS Trump, the VERY bad guy who is destroying our country for personal gain.

Trump’s strategy will be to disparage Biden and the Democrats relentlessly and frame the election as strong leadership vs weak stupidity as exemplified by Democratic-run cities and the glaring hypocrisy of their espousal of free speech and condemnation of discrimination while punishing the free speech of others and condoning racism in its most virulent forms.

In the end, Trump will be re-elected by a greater margin than the first time when even moderate Democrats cross over and vote for him behind the curtain. We rarely elect our presidents for one term any longer because they enjoy such a huge public awareness advantage. What happens then?

The Democratic Party will have massive internal conflict. It already does now, and it will erupt on November 4, even in the unlikely event of a Biden win. Bernie Sanders has already stated that publicly. But a loss will be held up as incontrovertible evidence that in choosing a “traditional” white male as its nominee, the Democratic Party pandered to the archaic base of its past and lost because it did not recognize the “revolution” that Sanders so clearly addressed when he said that a lot of his ideas were deemed “radical” four years ago but are now ”mainstream.”

The rise of a third political party, the “Democratic Socialist” could be right around the corner.

Submitted by James R. Sulliman, Ph.D. Individual, marriage, and family therapist in Abilene, TX. “Live life courageously”


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