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Vaccines in the Time of the Chinese Coronavirus

By Donald R May

For decades Russians have been spreading misinformation and rumors to discourage Americans and Europeans from taking vaccines, and China and Iran have more recently joined the anti-vaccine misinformation efforts.

Frightening Americans of vaccines has resulted in many unvaccinated Americans.  Those who have not been vaccinated are much more susceptible to preventable diseases like the flu and measles, which weakens the United States with people ill from preventable illnesses while also making us far more susceptible to germ warfare.  We have experienced this vulnerability with the purposeful spread of the Chinese Coronavirus (COVID-19) in the United States and Europe by the Chinese Communists.

Politicizing COVID-19 has produced many preventable illnesses and tens of thousands of unnecessary deaths.  Early in the COVID-19 pandemic, the American people were told not to wear masks.  This was because Obama had depleted our mask stockpile and there were fears medical professionals would not have effective protective masks.  This was a national deception and medical malpractice.  Face coverings of any kind are more effective than no covering over our nose and mouth. The use of such face coverings could have prevented a shutdown and much illness.

Democrats have attacked Hydroxychloroquine, making absurd claims about the dangers of this very safe drug.  Democrat Hydroxychloroquine hysteria has increased dramatically because President Trump and other Conservatives have successfully used Hydroxychloroquine.

However, new therapeutics are becoming available and show great promise.  Fifteen new therapeutics are in Phase 3 trials as are three vaccines.  Monoclonal antibodies and other drugs are showing great promise and will be highly effective in preventing and treating COVID-19.

Vaccines work by educating our immune systems to recognize and stop a serious disease without giving us the disease or making us severely ill.  Vaccines make our bodies think we are being attacked by an infectious virus or bacteria.  Vaccines make our bodies somewhat ill, which directs our immune system to produce antibodies and T cells designed to kill a specific invading virus or bacteria.  The illness caused by a vaccine is far less severe and dangerous than the disease itself.

Vaccines save about two to three million lives per year and have prevented thousands of abortions from Rubella Syndrome.  Vaccines have been used for centuries against smallpox and more recently against rabies, tetanus, diphtheria, polio, measles, and other deadly diseases that have all but vanished from the United States.

If someone does not want to receive a vaccine or a medication, they have their right to make that decision for themselves.  They should, however, not try to frighten others from taking a vaccine or medication that could save their lives.

Can anyone name someone they know who died from the flu who had received a flu vaccine and both pneumonia vaccines?  People who receive the flu vaccine may catch the flu, but they usually do not die from the effects of the flu.  We are told that the flu vaccine is only 50% effective, but that is far better than 0%.

Can anyone name someone they know who has had smallpox or polio or died from rabies?  This is because of the effectiveness of anti-viral vaccines.

Vaccines have eliminated smallpox from the earth, soon will eliminate polio, and hopefully will eventually eliminate COVID-19.  In addition to preventing and reducing the severity of viral and bacterial diseases, vaccines are now among the most innovative and successful of the drugs used to treat and cure cancers.

Three COVID-19 vaccines are entering the Phase 3 final stages of evaluation in human testing.  Some will soon be ready for use.  Hundreds of millions of doses of each of these promising vaccines are being manufactured as a part of Operation Warp Speed and will immediately be available for injection as soon as a vaccine is finally approved.  Preparations have been made to efficiently and quickly administer each vaccine nationwide as soon as it is released for use.

As our immune system does its work, we may have a sore arm, fever, fatigue, chills, and a headache following a vaccine.  These are signs that our body has recognized the vaccine as a dangerous invader, is attacking the invader, and is preparing our body to attack this invader should it return.

Vaccines are purposely toxic, so they elicit an immune response and protect against a much more deadly disease.  Vaccines are intended to make our bodies think we are being attacked by a deadly virus or bacteria.

Several COVID-19 vaccines will eventually be available.  If one of the vaccines causes ethical or safety concerns, one can eventually choose a different vaccine.  There should be vaccines acceptable to everyone.

Since vaccines do not produce actual diseases, our bodies may not pay much attention to them.  To cause an adequate immune response, chemical substances called “adjuvants” are added to vaccines to increase the immune response. Small amounts of aluminum are added to some vaccines as toxic irritants.  These amounts of aluminum are minuscule when compared to the amount of aluminum in one dose of an antacid.

Formaldehyde is used to render live viruses and potent toxins harmless so the immune system will respond to the presence of the virus or toxin, but the body will not become ill from the actual disease.  The minute amounts of formaldehyde that remain in the vaccine are harmless and add to the desirable irritant effect.

Thimerosal is not used as a preservative in any of the Chinese Coronavirus vaccines.  Thimerosal is still present in some flu vaccines, but flu vaccines are available without Thimerosal.

Therapeutics and vaccines will bring COVID-19 under control and hopefully eliminate it just as vaccines eliminated smallpox and polio.  Therapeutics and vaccines currently being developed to combat COVID-19 are also preparing us for the next possible epidemic, whether it is a deadly variant of the flu or a terrorist biological weapon.

Vaccinating large numbers of people will produce “herd immunity,” which also protects those who have not been immunized.  If people who have been immunized surround persons who have not been immunized, the non-immunized persons have a lower chance of encountering someone with the disease who can infect them.

New therapeutic drugs are being used and developed to treat COVID-19, and these medications will be useful for other viral diseases.  Therapeutic and vaccine technologies have developed rapidly because of COVID-19 and the necessity to bring the COVI-19 pandemic under control.  What has been learned can be applied in the development of vaccines for other existing viral illnesses such as Zika, West Nile, and other viral illnesses that may arise naturally or be made in laboratories by those who intend to harm.

This is an exciting and historic time.  During the 1918 Flu Epidemic, there was no hope for new medications to treat the flu.  Antiviral drugs, monoclonal antibodies, and flu and pneumonia vaccines were decades in the future.

Vaccines are an important part of our armamentarium of valuable therapeutic weapons to combat diseases, whether naturally occurring or man-made.

Submitted by Donald R May, Lubbock, TX, retina surgeon, farmer, medical economist, decorated Air Force Veteran, and former medical school professor, department chair, and dean.



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