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By Donald R. May

In a few weeks, the most critical election in our nation’s entire history will take place.  The 2020 General Election will be one of the most pivotal events in human history and equivalent in importance to the American Revolution.

Had the American Revolution failed, our Founding Fathers would have been executed, their families impoverished, and their property confiscated.  As the United States would not have existed to exert its power in the two World Wars, we would probably be speaking German.

If Joe Biden were to become President, our nation would quickly become like Venezuela or even worse.  Millions would die. China would seize the opportunity to dominate the world.

The American people elected Donald Trump to repair the extensive damage done to our country by the Obama Administration and other previous Administrations and to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN.  President Trump and his Administration have worked tirelessly to restore our nation to its proper constitutional role of protecting the American people and the individual states from external and internal forces of TYRANNY and EVIL.

Other than the Far Left Democrats, the American people realize that Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, and the Democrat Party would destroy the United States.  Our Liberty would be taken from us and virtually impossible to recover. A Biden and Harris Administration would severely limit our electricity and fuel, destroy our food supply, destroy jobs, further corrupt our education system, severely ration health care, raise taxes, destroy businesses, sanction the killing of babies and the elderly, and significantly weaken the police and military who protect us.

Democrats hate Liberty!  Democrats admire tyrants who disarm, oppress, and control the people. Obama and Biden sided with the Fascists of Iran, ISIS, Syria, and Libya, and they sided with the Communists of Cuba, Venezuela, Russia, North Korea, and China.  Democrats are having fits as President Trump continues his efforts to rid the world of such tyrants and to drain the Washington Political Swamp.

When Democrats complain that President Trump is out of control, they mean that President Trump is out of their control.  President Trump is not listening to their demands and threats.  Democrats are having Trump Derangement Syndrome tantrums, especially with the recent nomination of a Supreme Court Justice.

Democrats have been prosecuting President Donald Trump in the same way the Socialist State opponents were prosecuted in the Soviet Union.  The Democrat Impeachment of President Trump was no different than the scripted show trials of Josef Stalin. We can only imagine the atrocities Democrats would do to the American people if they were to gain simultaneous control of the White House, Senate, and House.

Democrats, like Castro, Mao, and other great destroyers, dismantle what has been created and demolish the infrastructure and prosperity that has been achieved and built.  We have seen this in the riots, arson, and anarchy in Portland, Seattle, Chicago, Minneapolis, and other Democrat-controlled cities.

Democrats would bring productivity to the lowest possible levels.  They would establish indoctrination over education, a hatred for morality, a hatred for Jews and Christians, and a hatred for all who are willing to work hard and honestly achieve.  Democrats would increasingly promote killing inconvenient babies, inconvenient disabled persons, and the inconvenient elderly.

The “rage-filled” Democrat Marxists are increasing the volume of their lies that the United States and President Trump are racists.  It is these same Democrats who have a racist history of slavery, segregation, discrimination, lynching, and the KKK.

Donald Trump was not guilty of colluding with the Russians.  However, Democrats insist that Donald Trump is guilty of obstructing their efforts to punish him for winning the 2016 Election.  Donald Trump was guilty of the “crime” of obstructing the treasonous efforts of the Democrats to frame him and remove him from the Presidency.  Democrats have never forgiven Donald Trump for winning in 2016.

We are in a time of war in which our nation is under attack by Marxist Democrats, Fascist Iran, and Marxist China.  Thank God that President Trump is in charge and that we are not being governed by Hillary Clinton or a Politically Correct Republican coward.  President Trump is standing up to the Iranians, the Chinese, and the Democrats in a much more serious and determined manner than any of our past presidents. Nothing frightens Trump.

Listen to the hate and Evil that are spoken by AOC, Barack Obama, Jerry Nadler, Adam Schiff, Nancy Pelosi, Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, and other Democrats.  Could you ever again feel that you, your family, and your property would be safe with these Democrats in control of our federal government’s Executive, Legislative, and Judicial branches?

The American people want a leader in the White House to move our nation away from the Evil into which it is sinking and toward a spiritual reawakening.  The American people support Donald Trump because he is Politically Incorrect and not afraid to confront the Evil that has been brought upon our nation.

God put Donald Trump in office as our President because there is no other human being who can both save and restore the United States of America.  We can tell that Donald Trump is God’s agent because so many evil people have risen up to attack and try to destroy him.

Like George Washington, Ronald Reagan, and other great leaders, Donald Trump inspires people to do their best, achieve more than they thought possible, and have eternal hope for the future.  Donald Trump is enthusiastic, uplifting, and filled with high energy. Donald Trump brings out the best in people and promotes human goodness to elevate humanity and change his opposition and enemies positively.

Trump supporters are responsible Americans who work hard and treat others with respect.  Trump supporters do not riot in the streets, they do not block highways, do not throw rocks and Molotov Cocktails at police, do not burn cars and buildings, and do not physically attack those with whom they disagree.

President Donald Trump is the only person who stands between us, our Liberty, and the Democrat Marxists. It is us whom the Democrats want to control, and President Trump is in the way of the Democrats bypassing our Constitution and turning our nation into a hellhole like Venezuela.

“Trump is the one true leader in world affairs, and he is forcing policy changes that put America first! “, Henry Kissinger.

The American people have an essential choice – Stand for Donald Trump and our American Culture of Life and Exceptionalism versus the Democrats and their Culture of Death and Destruction.

Vote for America!

Submitted by Donald R May, Lubbock, TX, retina surgeon, farmer, medical economist, decorated Air Force Veteran, and former medical school professor, department chair, and dean.



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