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VOTE! Much is at Stake!

By John Frullo, Texas State Representative, District 84

My name is John Frullo. I am the owner of a small business, Midtown Printing and Graphics, Inc., a commercial printing, design, and ad specialty company. Before purchasing Midtown, I worked as a CPA auditing businesses and governmental entities.

I am a Republican representing a majority of Lubbock County in the Texas House since 2010. I serve on the Higher Education Committee, Calendars Committee, and am the Vice-Chair of the International Relations and Economic Development Committee. I have also been a committee member of several committees, including the State Affairs Committee, and has chaired the Committee on Insurance and the Committee on Culture, Recreation, and Tourism.


We would be hard-pressed to find any person or any organization, be it a governmental, for-profit, or non-profit enterprise that has not been adversely affected by the terrible effects of COVID-19. There are many long-lasting issues in getting our businesses up and running, and the economy and citizens on to a brighter time. In doing so, we as a state need to be mindful of the use of state mandates, rules, and resources to help those affected while making sure we monitor and act to best help our citizens and organizations.

Thousands of Texans have been devastated and lost their business while thousands more have seen their hours reduced or have lost their jobs. I think we have learned that complete shutdowns carry a heavy cost. Picking winners and losers and labeling businesses as essential and non-essential did not work and does not work, and I am against such actions.

We must use common sense, including best practices in social distancing, proper hygiene, and practical protocols to reduce the virus’s spread. As Texans, we know what is best for Texas, that is why we have prospered. We need to make sure we continue to thrive and must trust our fellow citizens. We must stop damaging our freedoms and return to providing the pathway for a prosperous future.

Law Enforcement Pledges

I signed on to Governor Abbott’s Texas Back the Blue Pledge and the national Heritage Action Pledge supporting Law Enforcement. We must support law enforcement and resist ALL efforts to defund the police. Law enforcement officers dedicate their lives to the service of our community and deserve our respect and support. I am enormously proud of the many endorsements I have received during my time in office from law enforcement groups.

Tax Bills Last Session

The last legislative session was filled with a number of historic successes for the Lubbock community and the State of Texas.  Senate Bill 2 (SB 2) was passed into law, and it will empower taxpayers with new tools to help limit the rate of growth on future property tax bills. Cities and counties will now be subject to property tax elections if they intend to raise their property tax elections by more than 3.5%.

The Legislature also passed House Bill 3 (HB 3), which provides $5 billion in school property tax relief to taxpayers across Texas. The bill lowered school property taxes by an average of 8 cents in 2020 and 13 cents in 2021 with an additional 2.5% tax compression starting in 2021.


The Texas Tech System has had historic successes in the past two legislative sessions.  For nearly 50 years, the Texas Tech System has been advocating for a Veterinary School in west Texas to address the shortage of large animal care in Texas.  In the past two sessions, Texas Tech has received the funding necessary to create a School of Veterinary Medicine and anticipates enrolling its first class in the fall of 2021!

With the Veterinary School and a School of Dental Medicine, the Texas Tech University System has become one of only nine university systems in the country with programs for undergraduate, medical, law, nursing, pharmacy, dental and veterinary medicine.

Many of these students start their education studies at the main campus in Lubbock.

In the last session, the Legislature passed a bill that allowed Dunbar College Preparatory Academy to stay open. I helped many of my colleagues in the Texas Legislature understand how important Dunbar is to the entire Lubbock community and the hard work that Lubbock ISD, Dunbar’s staff, and its students have put in to continue its improvement.


We must take a stand and declare that Lubbock values the life of the unborn. If the City Council supports this effort, Lubbock will be one of the largest, if not the largest, city to protect life in this manner.

I have always been pro-life and proud to live in a pro-life community. I have received numerous endorsements from the various pro-life groups in Texas during my time in the Texas Legislature.

Human Trafficking

Human trafficking continues to plague our state. I authored, and we passed, a bill that makes it more difficult to operate “stash houses”. This allows that the assets used to operate such places be used to help these horrific crimes victims. This is similar to what has been done on confiscated drug assets for years. Each session, I have authored and passed laws to help make it harder for the bad actors to get away with these crimes, including “Alicia’s Law”. The Texas Legislature continues to take a hard stand against human trafficking, and I will continue to do my part to lead the way.

Second Amendment

The Legislature continued to protect the Second Amendment. I co-authored two bills that prohibit “no-firearms” clauses in leases and one that allows unlicensed possession of a firearm by certain persons following a disaster declaration. I voted for several others that closed some loopholes and cracked down on the patchwork of local firearms ordinances.

I also authored a bill that simplified laws for other protective devices, including the knife bills I authored and passed in previous sessions. Not every Texan wants to carry a firearm but still wants to protect themselves with another weapon.


Get out and vote!  Take your friends and family with you to vote. We see what is happening in some cities and states. Some seem to care more about the next election than the next generation.

So please vote the entire ballot. There is not an option for straight-ticket voting any longer. You must vote all the way down the ballot. Vote for every Republican. Keep Texas Red!

Submitted by John Frullo, Texas State Representative, District 84. For more information, visit and follow me on Facebook at @John.FrulloCampaign

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