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By Dennis D. Morrison

You have seen file footage of our war ships using their big guns to fire on the coastline to soften up the enemy’s fortifications and their will to fight and to take out as many as they can during that campaign! In our modern era we send in the Navy Seals in order to sabotage the infrastructure like their communications, supply lines, electricity and other critical items so they are very vulnerable to attack! The Air Force sends in their cruise missiles, bombers with strategic precision! In America our enemy has already infiltrated the entire of our society to the point where we are completely vulnerable to attack and we could be annihilated! These Democratic Socialists and those liberals, progressives and their useful idiots, as the soviets would call those that helped them but will never be part of the elite party, have started their campaign by having a summer of violence by Antifa and BLM activists! These are the ones that have been brainwashed by our school system and went out burning, looting and causing major mayhem to our businesses in Democrat run cities! Some of these businesses will, for the most part, go out of business and the globalists will buy these properties for next to nothing! Others will have to tap into their life savings, which hurts their families in order to try to start up again! The entire middle class are having their savings drained little by little because, when you connect the dots, we see families having the husband or wife to give up one of their jobs to stay home with the kids because of no in person classes! The Keystone XL Pipeline is shut down causing many to lose high paying jobs plus causing the price of gas and other goods is going up because gas is going to go up! Families that have had a business for decades that cannot handle the economic hit may lose their homes! This is an enormous blow to the American economy and to the backbone of America, which, is the small businesses! Notice, the Big businesses, like Walmart, get to stay open but the little Mom and Pop store struggles or goes out of business! These rules are orchestrated by the globalists, in order to have the people looking to the government for money to live or restart their businesses and that is just exactly where they want them – beholding to the government!  This is what socialism starts out like where it looks like they really trying to help but in reality, there are many strings attached and unwittingly you just borrowed money from a loan shark! This is the Great Reset!

As I read the Bible, I know that there is going to be a One World Government coming and it is God’s will that He allows it but unless God takes me in the Rapture, I will not be complicit in allowing it to come to America! The One World Order is Communism, and it is of the devil so I am not going along with the devil’s plan but will resist him at every turn! I will stand up for law and order, the Bible, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights even if it with my last breath! It is just like Nathan Hale said, “I regret I have but one life to give for my country!”  The Christian church needs to come together and unite at such a time as this for a multitude of reasons, which I detailed and wrote about in my first book, Operation 180 the Action Plan! At this time, we need for Christians and patriots to wake up out their distractions for we are like the frog in the pot that is being boiled alive! With history as my guide, it shows me where they are going with their movement and it a total dictatorship that doesn’t lead to our good and is not Godly! So, we must stand up against it, resist it and not allow our rights to be eroded even for a minute! They have started eroding our freedoms with the restricting of our first Amendment, which we must remind ourselves that they are God given freedoms not government given! Our 1st Amendment right is the freedom of the press, speech, worship and of assembly and they are already restricting these rights! If our 2nd Amendment is rescinded then, our goose is cooked!

I have been a Conservative Republican for decades but as I have started speaking at Church or writing Christian books, I have taken off the Conservative Republican mantel and in its place put on a Christian Conservative mantel as I have found neither party truly has the best interest of the American people at heart! If I had to weigh them and see who is better than I would go for the Republican Party because the Democrat party has totally sold out and have taken God off of their platform, they want and celebrate the death of the unborn (which God hates) and have embraced the LBGT agenda (which God also hates) and there is so much more that these Democratic Socialists want to do but it is the total destruction of the American way of life and Socialism to rule in its place! They are unified in their goals and for the most part they vote in lockstep and will be vicious to any of their members that descent from their leaders decrees! If someone does descent from the Democrat leaders, they better have a good reason that benefits them in their goals, or they will have to leave the party! For the majority of Progressives, liberals and Socialists,  in many ways think totally different about our country than Christians, conservatives and Patriots do and want to take total control over us with complete power! America was not built like that and we need to get back to our roots and read up on our founding because if you don’t know how we started or why, then we don’t have a basis for moving forward! That is the reason for them tearing down our statues, banning books and indoctrinating our children so they will be rudderless, clueless and be an easy mark for socialism!

The Republican Party has got to get its act together because it has its share of Rino’s (which are Republicans in name only) who sell out their constituents because they are greedy for gain, so we, as conservatives, have to get serious when we vote and not just vote for someone who has an “R” next to their name but do your homework on them to find out if they share our values and has integrity! We have had too many that are wolves in sheep’s clothing coming in and then disrespecting our Constitution, Bill of Rights and our Christian family’s lives with their own agenda! Our whole government was here to protect us and stand against those who would attack us but now they have the Deep State turning its eyes from outward looking to inward looking on its citizens! They are spying on us, vilifying us and reducing our God given rights every day! Our government rulings are like a ratchet, one click at a time only going one way, which limits our rights little by little! It is very similar to the frog in the pot as they turn up the temperature little by little! Some governments take the long goal, and it might take away a right then 10 years later take another away until they have none! We are watching the Mainstream Media control what we hear and they are all saying the same thing because it is scripted! If you control the media, then you control the narrative and if you control the narrative then you control the people! That is what happens in war, they disrupt the communications first! Thank God that for now we have alternate forms of information where we can get the truth but eventually that could get shut down so we need to find secure sources of information now in our churches and from people we can count on so when the hammer comes down, and it will, then we can still communicate! The Tech giants like Twitter and Facebook and others are trying to snuff out our free speech and this is happening in real time and we could easily wake up one morning and find the government has rescinded all our rights like the Constitution and the Bill of Rights! Well, that can’t happen you say, but it can actually happen if the president declares Martial Law! Let us now take authority over what we can take authority over! First, we must take back our schools because we are paying the teachers to be in class and teach our kids and if they refuse then we must get them fired! Yes, we firmly must take on the powerful Teachers Union! They are in the back pocket of the Democrat Party because they are big donors! If we can’t get the teachers back in to teach in person then find out where your kids can get Home Schooled with sound Biblical teaching, Civics and proper academic courses for building up your kids properly! Don’t capitulate and say it is way too expensive, too time consuming or I am too busy because the end result is communism and both you and your children lose! But if each person does his or her part then it will all come together for the good!!!

We must take on the US Government who says we have to pay for abortions, we have to pay transgender operations, for illegal aliens free schooling, medical care and social services, and for anything they can think up for us to pay for, because what we all need to remember is that it is our money they are giving away! When they borrow money from the bank and giving it away, it has our names or our grandkids names on it to pay back! We voted them in but if they won’t do our bidding then we must vote them out! We have become way too passive watching these enemies of America and its citizens come in and undermine our whole American way of life! The government has no money of their own, it comes from us so we are the ones that pay Planned Parenthood for all their abortions and we should have a say in it! Adoptions should be paid for not abortions, as would-be parents will need the help! The government is so worried about the China virus, but they are letting illegal immigrants in and we have no idea what their medical history is or their political bent or anything else about them! They could actually be letting in enemies of America into our borders because they have not been vetted!  The President and our government’s primary directive is to keep American’s safe and yet they are opening our borders, which is extraordinarily dangerous and irresponsible as we are still in pandemic mode and this could trigger a new round of shut downs here! This cannot stand! These people coming in will take jobs from legal citizens, take resources that we can’t afford and put Americans at the back of the line and again that is not proper! God says, all things must done decently and in order!  What I see is complete chaos!

This rioting, looting, hating America didn’t just get started a year or two ago? No! This started decades ago little by little, getting into schools, businesses, government, Judgeships, law enforcement, and the mainstream media and they have gradually encircled our lives like a Boa Constrictor, (Or serpent if you will) moving slowly so that it didn’t startle us and now it has a strangle hold on us and we must begin to pray for our escape now! Last year we had the looting, rioting, burning, tearing down of businesses, statues being toppled and now we have cancel culture and the tightening of the screws on the American population by taking Dr. Seuss and many books and movies that we love as the beginning of the Marxist takeover of our culture and country! They are moving forward with their plan with remarkable speed and we seem stunned but we must shake this off, regain our footing and commit our ways to the Lord! Remember, Zechariah 4:6 says: “This is the Word of the Lord to Zerubbabel: ‘Not by might nor by power, but by My Spirit,’ says the Lord Almighty!” It can and will turned around by diligent Christians and Patriots through the power of prayer! Jesus is very clear when He said: “Everything is possible for one who believes!” Mark 9:23! I believe we can turn this around!

Submitted by Dennis Morrison – Christian author, writer and speaker. Dennis Morrison started Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa under Chuck Smith and has attended many churches and now attends Calvary Chapel Tustin under Barry Stagner. Dennis has written 2 books: OPERATION 180 the Action Plan and LAST DAYS ULTIMATE CHRISTIAN PREPPER and is currently writing his third book, currently untitled about what happens before the Rapture, the Rapture and what happens after the Rapture. For more information, visit or email



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