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We Are in a Battle Between Good and Evil

By Charles Johns

Anyone with even a modicum of Biblical understanding, knows good and evil cannot both stand once the war between them starts. To a Christian, our God is the definition of good, and He has no choice but to fight evil in all its forms.

Burning businesses, looting shops, beating people, and even killing them, is not a peaceful protest.

As Christians we are required to obey all laws passed by society that are not against God’s law, and citizens need to understand what our Constitution’s purpose is. While dictatorships, socialism, communism, and most other forms of government limit what citizens can do, ours limits government. Our 10th amendment says, if the Constitution does not give power to the government in an area, it is left to the states or to the people.

Our Constitution also says, “IT” is the highest law in the land, so all laws passed by congress must be written so they are not contrary to it. This is where judicial law making has gone wild in recent decades, called “legislating from the bench.” When the court makes a ruling, it is NOT law.

Power is a drug to many politicians and judges, and they love it more than anything. Our Constitution says, “All legislative action shall be vested in a congress.” ALL is defined as complete and total, and SHALL, as defined in the time our Constitution was written, is a command, not a request. VESTED, as defined in that same time meant, “assigned to” meaning only congress can make laws.

When liberals say Roe v Wade is the law of the land, it is a lie. Roe v Wade is a ruling that requires congress to make a law to fit within the Constitution. I have said many times, RULINGS ARE NOT LAW, but liberal democrats have used the court to make laws they cannot get passed Constitutionally, thereby stealing power from congress and given it to the court.

Do not let congress off the hook, because they have power over the court, but refuse to exercise it. Any change to the Constitution must be passed by “We the People,” so lies have been told by liberals to give power to the court, and congress has allowed it. See Article III section 2 of the Constitution. If congress does not have power to limit the court, then We the People are ruled by nine black robed judges, not the Constitution, making us an oligarchy of as few as five judges, rather than being a Constitutional Republic.

In the 1960’s liberals got the court to remove the Bible from schools, saying it was unconstitutional and promoted one religion. The court obviously did not read the quotes of our founders saying they recommended the Bible as a schoolbook. The writers of our Constitution never said religion should be eliminated from school, but that no law can make any religion the state religion. THAT is what the separation of Church and state means. It may seem like a small difference, but it is huge. The Judeo-Christian Bible gave us the basics of our laws, so it was natural to use it as a schoolbook. Sometimes democrats remove “Under God” from their saying of the pledge, and since they got the Bible removed, student discipline is a problem, grades dropped, and school shootings have become life threatening.

Maybe our founders understood, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” has value in the learning process beyond math, science, history, and civics, in the making of good citizens. Liberal teachers teaching revisionist history, liberals pulling down monuments, decapitating religious statues, burning churches, and beating conservatives as they leave the RNC convention, shows democrats are the ones promoting anarchy.

As I write this some riots have been happening for over three months, and liberal mayors try to blame Trump. They know that is a lie, because they must FIRST request help, which the President has offered. Pelosi and the democrats refuse to talk with republicans as they shut down business hoping it hurts Trump. Anyone truly watching can see this, but evil hates the fact this is happening in democrat run cities, so they say it is happening all over America. I went to ANTIFA on-line and was sent to Joe Biden’s political page several times, yet he tries to distance himself from them. Someone is lying.

Nancy Pelosi refuses to pass financial help for people out of work due to the pandemic, unless she gets money for her liberal causes. She wants Joe and Jane Taxpayer to bailout liberal cities that are bankrupt due to their liberal policies. I believe those who create such problems should be required to pay to solve them, not conservatives.

Joe Biden is a crook who is on video demanding the Ukraine drop the investigation of the company his son works for, or Joe would deny a billion dollars to them. That is basic blackmail 101.

Pelosi gets her hair done while denying others the same choice. NYC mayor de Blasio openly says he wants to redistribute wealth from the rich to the poor. That is socialism. Liberal mayors refuse to ask for help while their cities burn, democrats blame cops first without evidence, democrats have turned our legal system upside down, and now liberal-socialist-democrats want the power of the presidency.

Pray America, divine intervention is our only hope against Godless, socialist, anti-American, anti-police, liberal crooks.

Submitted by Charles Johns, Abilene, TX. Charles is a Navy Veteran that served on 3 carriers, spent 20 years as a TV tech, 50 years building cars, and 10+ years as a shop superintendent and Police Depart­ment armorer. He graduated from Elkins Institute in Dallas (the same school Rush Limbaugh attended). He holds a Federal Firearms License as a gunsmith, with his own 100-yard gun-range for 21 years. Charles can be reached at or 325-704-4872

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