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By Dennis D. Morrison

Our country has many enemies and they go by many names like Democrat Socialists, George Soros, Antifa, BLM, Main Stream Media, Big Tech, Big Business, Professional Sports and the Teachers Union to name a few. Their goal is to control the government, the media and the things we need so that the majority of the people will vote for the Democratic Socialists so they look like they have been duly sworn in as our government but that is when the trap is closed and they take away all our liberties!

They start out blaming the system, then moving to condemn the system, then straining the system, then overwhelming the system and finally shutting down the system! Our nation’s systems of law and order are breaking down right in front of our faces! As we look closely at our institutions, like the 3 Branches of Government, our law enforcement entities like FBI, CIA, DOJ etc we see they have been corrupted from the inside, from the top including the Pentagon! The rank and file people, for the most part, are the ones that are the straight shooters but those that are pulling the strings at the top that are the ones keeping us from true law and order! If our government leaders truly wanted to keep the American public safe they would immediately close the border to all illegal immigrants! The border wall would be completed without delay! Anyone that does gain access to our nation would be tested for Covid and other diseases then quarantined, fingerprinted and be required to pay their own way! NO free lunch!  As it is stands right now the illegal immigrants stand to get $4.38 Billion dollars in stimulus money! Our government doesn’t have the money so it borrows it on the backs of all of us, the American public, now and in the future! They are taking our future finances, that is our Social Security, pensions, Medicare and other monies and breaking our monetary systems down! In the mean time we are beginning to see a rise of all goods and services! Because they shut down the XL Pipeline, gas prices are going up, which adversely affects the cost for airline flights, trucking costs, car trips and everything that brings our goods and our services to us will increase causing us to pay more for everything! So, even now you are seeing inflation start to kick in as the price of everything rises but as times goes by we could see hyperinflation!

If we look at our body’s skin and it doesn’t seal as it is supposed to then it is open to infection from outside elements! It is the same when our border is open and every evil under the sun makes its way in: The Drug Cartels send in their drugs, human trafficking, sex trafficking, making of money off the illegal immigrants plus the invasion of enemy combatants from hostile countries entering unabated and without being vetted by anyone! We are under siege because the Democrat Socialists are overwhelming every system we have! Our very leaders in power want to pack the Supreme Court with liberals so that every ruling leans to the left so the Democrat Socialists win every ruling and that means that every law that protects us like the Bill of Rights will be null and void! No more free speech, no right to bear arms, etc! We cannot wait until this finally comes knocking on our door, we must all speak up now, we must recall all government leaders that hate God, the American system and its people! We don’t have the luxury of time as thousands of illegal immigrants cross our border every day and our government is taking care of them with food, drink, schooling, housing, medical care, and more! How long do you think the U.S. monetary system can exist before it becomes fiat money and just entirely collapses? Those illegal immigrants have to find jobs, which also means that legal Americans can’t get those jobs! Those immigrants that can’t find work will probably steal, rob, burglarize and do other things that diminish our standard of living. Many are coming in our country with Covid and other diseases, then sent all over this nation, which inevitably will lead to another outbreak, which will then shut down our businesses again and that will be a death knell to our small businesses and many peoples life savings will be drained. The ripple effect of another shutdown will be far reaching, as personal hardships will lead to layoffs, which lead to foreclosures, which can lead to bankruptcies, which will overwhelm the system! Most everyone will be looking to the government to take care of them, which is what they wanted from the beginning! That is socialism and socialism thrives on apathy!

We cannot be apathetic to what is happening to our American way of life! Our school system is teaching their socialist propaganda to our kids and then dumb them down with the new math, no civics, a skewed view of history, a hating of American values, climate change, berated the kids for their white privilege, critical race theory, talking of micro-aggressions, systemic racism, the 1619 project, then a special emphasis on calling people by the pronoun they go by and if that is not enough, they are teaching all this nonsense on zoom and not in person which causes more harm to the kids all while wearing a mask! They are allowing males that identify as females to compete in female sports, which is taking scholarships and other opportunities away from deserving females! The America we grew up in is slipping away because we aren’t addressing the issues head on! This is turning our system of sports, biology and decency on its head! This has to change and we have to stand firm and reject this chaos! If you love your kids, then band together with other parents and firmly push back on this as the schoolteachers work for you! Those of you in the know realize that I have only touched the surface of this non-sense in the new vocabulary America is facing!  Remember, there are more of us than there are of them!

We must open our schools to in class learning because not only does it have a negative impact on our children but private schools have opened without incident. We, as a group, have to confront the Teachers Union with a class action lawsuit, as they are negatively affecting our children! If they don’t relent with class action law suits then we must take our kids out and start home schooling them through our churches and other co-ops where the parents can still work and the kids can get a proper education with qualified teachers and have socialization with other kids! We need to sue the State to get the money you pay to the State so that your money will follow each child so it is not out of pocket for your kids to be home schooled! We as parents and American citizens must insist on the proper curriculum to be taught to our kids! What we have lost in our modern society is what our founders fought and died for, which is that it is, We the People that are supposed to be in control, but we have willingly given the reigns to our politicians to set the standards, but when they work at cross purposes to you or our Constitution and Bill of Rights then we have an obligation to vote them out or recall them! In California the Governor has been recalled and the people are standing up strong against the Socialist heavy-handed ways!

As conservative Americans I am saying that we all need to band together and push back hard together against this wave of Godless socialism! They are picking up steam and they are starting to steamroll all Americans into accepting everything they want and we seem to be allowing it because we are afraid to be called racist and/or to be cancelled! This can all be turned around on them if we don’t watch the sports teams, celebrity events like the Academy Awards where they are disrespecting our flag, our law enforcement, our God, our family and casting aspersions on Christians, Jews and the American way of life! We don’t need to patronize companies that do the same, which cuts into their bottom line!

We have the power, we just need to utilize it corporately with other like minded people! As for the Christian community I say Zechariah 4:6 applies, which says, “It is not by might, nor by power but by My Spirit says the Lord!”  So we must be on our knees praying and fasting before the Lord about the condition we are in and He will give a way out! We must use all legal remedies at our disposal in order to right this sinking ship as the Democrats have swallowed the poison pill of communism and they are trying to take us with them! We must stand our ground now as the founders of our country did and demand our rights under the Constitution and the Bill of Rights that are guaranteed by God Almighty!

Submitted by Dennis Morrison – Christian author, writer and speaker. Dennis Morrison started Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa under Chuck Smith and has attended many churches and now attends Calvary Chapel Tustin under Barry Stagner. Dennis has written 2 books: OPERATION 180 the Action Plan and LAST DAYS ULTIMATE CHRISTIAN PREPPER and is currently writing his third book, currently untitled about what happens before the Rapture, the Rapture and what happens after the Rapture. For more information, visit or email

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