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What Do We Do Now?

By Don Bebee

C.S. Lewis, in his book Mere Christianity (1952), writes at length about “moral law”. The objective self-evident truth of the moral law adapted from their Biblical worldview and referred to in our foundational document of the Declaration of Independence by Thomas Jefferson as The Laws of Nature and Natures God. Remember, these objective Laws of Nature and Natures God also became the foundational principles of our Constitutional Republic Rule of Law and the Bill of Rights.

Paraphrasing, Lewis clarifies that The Laws of Nature and Natures God are specifically understood as The Laws of Human Nature and Human Natures God.

Lewis goes on to say there are two things about the moral law that everyone knows. First, in their conscience, everyone knows that moral law exists. And second, everyone knows they have broken the moral law. Further reasoning, Lewis goes on to say that the moral law is the only one that can be disobeyed. We cannot “disobey” other laws of nature, such as math, gravity, etc. We must stay within their boundaries, their jurisdictions.

Both Thomas Jefferson in his generation and C. S. Lewis in his generation knew that without this objective moral law, The Laws of Human Nature and Human Natures God, such as life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, there is no liberty. Without moral law, there is no liberty. Why?

Because true liberty is found within the boundaries, the jurisdiction of our accepting our accountability to Human Natures God for our obeying or disobeying The Laws of Human Nature. Intentionally or unintentionally taking this accountability to Human Natures God out of the objective moral law discernment decision making process at any level makes the “moral law” subjective to human nature. Amoral. Unjust. Corrupt.

Now, objective moral law, morality with boundaries, jurisdictions becomes whatever unjust corrupt “human nature” makes and enforces it to be. These unjust corrupt ones believe erroneously that they are only accountable to themselves. Themselves as god. With “Human Nature’s God” removed, for these unjust corrupt ones, the ends justify the means.  By any means, they will steal, kill, and destroy all that comes between them, fulfilling their order to feed their unquenchable appetite for more power and control.

The progressive, socialist, subjective Democrat Party by resolution took God out of the Democrat Party Platform. And also took “under God” out of our United States of America Pledge of Allegiance.

Prior to November 3, 2020, it was becoming more apparent each day that our American family was becoming more polarized by our crisis culture conflicting competing combatting factions than at any other time in our nation’s history. In times past, what once would have been considered extreme unjust expressions of uncivilized disagreement and or disobedience became acceptable intentional destructive actions of the outright injustices of lawlessness. And it continues.

Their destructive actions of tyranny and lawlessness practiced both in private and public are relentlessly pursued with all-purpose and intent to destroy our American family liberty, freedom, independence, and sovereignty. And replace our “In God We Trust” Republican Party Platform supporting our Constitutional Republic Rule of Law capitalism with their “In Man We Trust” Democrat Party Platform supporting their democracy mob rule of law progressive socialism. Unapologetically in defiance subjectively being the law unto themselves. And to which them and their commandments We the People must obey.

Do not be deceived. For all of those with eyes to see, you know full well the reality of what is happening in our American family. However, there are those who were in denial of the true nature of the culture war between good and evil, taunting, tormenting, and trying our American family patience and good faith in relationship to one another.

Now, after the vote, the American family feud dividing lines have been clearly identified and stepped across for all to see. There are those of our American family who, as well as they understand it accepts the moral law of The Laws of Human Nature and Human Natures God and our accountability to them.

And those of our American family that denies The Laws of Human Nature and Human Natures God and our accountability to them. They do so to make themselves, their opinions, their secular worldview the subjective amoral rule of law. So, what do we do now? Stand Firm.

Regardless of which side of the line you are on, the vote only made the family division numerically clear. The ideological convictions, values, worldviews, and resulting conflicts between the culturally warring parties are not going away. Whatever it takes, those of this generation who stand for what is rightfully good, just, and true must stand firm in all civility against those who stand foolishly in all incivility for what is wrongfully evil, unjust, and deceptive.

“This is the lesson: never give in, never give in, never, never, never, never—in nothing, great or small, large or petty—never give in except to convictions of honour and good sense.” Winston Churchill

Stand Firm. In God We Trust

Submitted by Dr. Don Bebee, Lubbock, TX,




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