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What Makes America Great?

By Colby Gipson, 7th grade, Laura Bush Middle School

America is great for so many reasons. However, if I were going to narrow it down to just a couple of main areas of greatness, I would say that America is great because of our freedom of choice and our people.

Our freedoms began with the Declaration of Independence and advanced with the writing of our Constitution and Bill of Rights. Over the course of the past two hundred and forty-three years, our never-ending pursuit of freedom has brought many changes to our country. Whether it be our freedom to participate in celebrations, protests, or marches; to our freedom to vote; to our freedom of speech; there is no other place in the world where the exercising of choice and free will is so readily welcomed by a nation. Other freedoms not always granted to other citizens of the world include the choice of the job or career you want to pursue and choosing where you go to school. America also lets you travel when and where you want, unlike in many other countries that don’t allow travel without restrictions. If you are of a different race, a different religion, and of either gender, you can still get any job, choose to vote, and just be who or what you want to be in America.

Another main reason America is great is its people who protect the nation. The Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, Coast Guard, and first responders; all readily willing to sacrifice their lives to protect us. These people have also protected other nations too by stopping people that would try to harm those nations or their people. The saying that “Freedom is Never Free” is one of the truest statements I’ve ever heard. These brave men and women, with a call to service to our great country, are the reason we have our freedoms today and why people from other nations want to live in America

America is the greatest country and civilization to ever have existed on the planet. Our greatness can be simplified to two very important components from which we gather our distinction. Our greatness comes from our freedoms and the people who fight to ensure that those freedoms withstand the test of time.

Submitted by Ancile “AL” White VFW Post 2466. This essay was written by Colby Gipson and submitted to the VFW Patriot’s Pen youth essay contest. Colby is a 7th grader at Laura Bush School. Colby’s essay Finished 4th place overall in the Voice of Democracy.


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