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What the Tactics of the Left Have in Store for Us

By Peter Adams

Recently, Pat Robertson of CBN (the Christian Broadcast Network), interviewed with Author and Historian William Federer. Mr. Federer wrote a book called, “Socialism: The Real History from Plato to the Present.”

Past socialist leaders who wanted socialism for their country said, “If we can do away with the past, history, socialism, and communism will roll right on in unchallenged.”

Most communists, including Bernie Sanders, have presented socialism to the people as, “Heaven on Earth without God.” Socialism is communism, but the leaders present it to you under a name that doesn’t scare you and is easily entreated. It is the perfect time for America to have socialism offered to them right out in plain sight simply because the former President Obama gained publicity by offering the people “Free Stuff.” As you can see by the rioting, burning, violence, and looting, many youth and adults alike, unbeknownst to them, are now demanding socialism in the order of “Free Living.”

Some are making demands to do away with all order and authority, proving this by their looting, burning, rioting, and violence “in plain sight” and daring Police to even try to stop them, arrest them, or shoot them. Some are demanding extremes like, “Give us the State of Texas so we came to make our own country with NO WHITE PEOPLE.”

FEDERER REFERENCED Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel, a Philosopher at the University of Berlin, and one of his students was Carl Marx. Hagel said the “State” is God walking on earth. Hagel’s theory was, you start with the status quo, you create a problem that is really bad, and then everybody is satisfied to settle with your answer that is half as bad as the problem you created.

Carl Marx asked, “How do you create a problem that is really bad?” You send in agitators, agent provocateurs, provoking agents, community organizers, labor organizers. Their jobs are to identify groups with grievances, racially, economically, ethnicity, and you stir them into crisis, riots, and when it gets violent enough, everybody cries out, “We need someone to come in and restore order.” Then a Mayor or Governor steps in and says, “I’ll restore order, I just need to take away your rights in the process.” And the people say, “OK, whatever it takes to bring us peace and safety.”

On socialism, President Eisenhower said, “In some countries, the State claims to be the author of human rights. If the State gives rights, it can and inevitably will take away your rights.”

After World War II, Germany, France, and England gave independence to their colleagues. They voted in new leaders, it was a perfect world until the Soviet Union decided to send in KGB agents and identify groups with grievances, stir them into riots, then corrupt the Media with bribes and threats to blame the leaders of the country. When the public got panicky enough, they did a coup or rigged the election to replace the leader with a Soviet Puppet.

YOU DON’T NEED TO BE a rocket scientist to see that this is exactly what is happening in America “right now.”

  1. The COVID response was, let criminals out of jail.
  2. Then crime goes up in the city.
  3. Then pro-family people who typically belong to a certain political party begin to move out of the city.
  4. Who is left in the city… people who depend on governmental entitlements and they tend to belong to the “other” political party.
  5. Then you shut down businesses as a COVID response, plus violence, riots, smashing, looting and burning businesses… so the pro-businesspeople move out of the city.
  6. Then you shut down Churches where social conservatives gather.
  7. Then you let students out of schools and a lot of these High School and College students who have been indoctrinated with “Hate America” begin to participate in these riots.
  8. The end result… One political party moves out and the other political party gets a monopoly on city politics and in Presidential election years, whoever wins the big city usually wins the state, whoever wins the state gets all the electoral votes for the state and the President is elected by electoral votes.

ALL OF THIS STARTS WITH indoctrinating the children. All good salesmen know this age-old pitch. To win the youth, go into the classroom, tell the kids negative things about the Founding Fathers that they were racists, killing and taking the land from the Indians, and then the students are repulsed by them. Now that they are neutral and open-minded, then you brainwash the students with socialism, LGBTQ, or Sharia Law and Islam. It’s like a gene replacement therapy but it starts with “destroying the history.”

If you destroy history, the problems, or greatness of the past, then you can create a new world of your choice. George Orwell in his book in 1984 said, “Whoever controls the past, controls the future, but whoever controls the present, controls the past.”

Arthur Schlesinger Jr. said, “History is to the nation what memory is to the individual.”

The Left-Liberal State is changing History to promote an agenda, and that’s socialism and communism.

Be careful… be very careful how you vote in November.

Submitted by Peter Adams who worked for Brown & Root offshore oil & gas pipelines and Drafting at Chemical Plants, Representation in Arbitration Cases for the Fed. Gov., Church Elder many years, now a retired Rancher. He can be reached at

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