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Why Democrats Do What They Do

By Charles Johns

The democrat party has moved so far left they can’t move back without losing many of their liberal followers. Defunding the police is just one stupid idea they promote, and the result of that dumb idea has caused crime to jump in all major democrat run cities…imagine that. Either democrats are stupid, or they have a plan to destroy America. They tell college age young people their student loans will be forgiven, but then voters ask if their child’s student debt they paid in full, will be reimbursed? When Pocahontas is asked by a father who paid for his daughter’s education, if he gets his money back, she says NO. Even a non-college person can figure out that is not equal use of government monies. The father played by the rules but gets punished for doing so, and a democrat politician who paid off one but not the other, thinks it is okay. No student was forced to attend college, so they took out a loan for a higher education knowing they had to pay back the money. I went to the same electronics trade-school Rush Limbaugh attended, and the Navy, the company where I worked, and I paid for it. I was debt free upon graduation, had a job, and a bright future. Democrats need student’s votes to stay in power, and that is the main reason democrats pushed for 18-year-old voters with a lie. I joined the Navy at 17 as did my older brother, and neither of us felt cheated we could not vote. Our founders thought 21 was the minimum age to gain enough wisdom to pick our leaders, and in a time when the average life expectancy was much shorter than now. I served 6 years and my brother 26, and at 21 we both voted.

With California and New York losing congressional seats, due to voters leaving for Texas, Florida, and other lower taxing states that have more opportunity, it is easy to see why democrats are scared. Texas gained 2 seats, Florida gained 1, and with New York and California losing seats, that makes a 5-seat swing in republican’s favor…before any election. The GOP needs only 8 seats to take control of the House, or just 3 more seats. Now you should understand why democrats want illegals to vote, and voter ID is “racist” in their rhetoric. If illegals can’t vote they may lose the House, Senate, and the Presidency. So, Joe Biden stops building the southern border wall, pushes for no ID requirement to vote, reinstates catch-and-release along the border, says if a person lives in the US, they should be able to vote, and promises free $$$ to illegals. There is enough information in the public domain to suggest the Biden-Harris election was stolen from Trump, and there are enough questions about that election to support my thinking. The court DID NOT look into the allegations of Texas and 17 other states over 200 sworn affidavits of possible fraud or misconduct. They dismissed the case without looking. Now we know the CDC was listening to the teacher’s union to make rulings about not opening schools, and not going by the science, which says children are not targets of the virus and if they get it they show few if any symptoms, and often do not know they are infected.

I also question democrat’s patriotism. When Maxine Waters says to get in the face of republicans, lies about Trump and his advisors, embraces anti-Semite Louis Farrakhan, and promotes socialism, she is definitely not pro-America. Those democrat party run cities with high crime rates and high unemployment, with bad schools, and cops leaving at high rates, should prove woke policies do not work. Socialism has never worked, and many examples have shown that to be true. Cuba, Venezuela, the USSR, and all governments that promise free healthcare, education, housing, a guaranteed job and/or wages, and eliminate religion to make government the state religion, always fail. Humans all over this globe, without knowing other nations or cultures, seek a higher power. From the beginning of time mankind has searched for something better than himself. Those who deny it die…usually destroying themselves. Even the USSR failed after 70 years, and they had to build a fence in East Germany to keep people from escaping to the West. Remember that when democrats try to equate our southern border wall with the communist wall. I was in Germany in 1964, and many German families were broken up by that wall, and many died trying to escape from communism. You will not hear that from today’s democrats or reporters. Remember, democrats created the KKK, voted against civil rights laws, and it was republican president Abraham Lincoln who ended slavery…not woke democrats. After just 100 days of Biden-Harris our southern border is in crisis again, because Biden stopped Trump’s agreements with our southern neighbors. Now those coming to America illegally are criminals, human traffickers, drug traffickers, possible terrorists, and people seeking help in America. One must ask, why not come in our front door rather than illegally? We take in more foreigners than any other nation, yet democrats lie about that also. Democrats cannot be trusted, but common sense, and facts can be. Just be sure your facts source is a good one, and not liberal woke phony info.

Submitted by Charles Johns, Abilene, TX. Charles is a Navy Veteran that served on three carriers, spent 20 years as a TV tech, 50 years building cars, and 10+ years as a shop superintendent and Police Depart­ment armorer. He graduated from Elkins Institute in Dallas (the same school Rush Limbaugh attended). He holds a Federal Firearms License as a gunsmith, with his own 100-yard gun-range for 21 years. Charles can be reached at or  972-965-5173

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