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Why Trump in 2020?

By Joseph Mavilia

I believe God has given Trump to America at this pivotal time in our Republic’s history. I believe we have been given this gift to preserve this Godly nation. But we have the free will to accept or reject the gift of the Lord’s grace (unmerited favor). We don’t deserve it, but we have the opportunity of yet another chance to do the right thing.

November 3rd will reveal whether we have accepted this gift of God. But if American’s reject this offer of help, we collectively are rejecting God. Every American has the opportunity and moreover the duty to stand for God and country. Of course, the choice is ours and it is the most important thing we will ever do or fail to do.

Give great consideration to standing with a Trump administration and be counted worthy or be counted out. Your future and therefore the future of the country depends on your decision.

So, what is it that you must do today?

Be sure you are registered to vote and then vote your conscience. You know the consequences of your choice so choose wisely. It matters greatly to you, your children, your grandchildren and our beloved America.

Don’t allow the radical left to cause the destruction of our country. Don’t allow America to be tossed onto the ash heap of history.

Submitted by Joe Mavilia, author, journalist, syndicated columnist published in print media including the Los Angeles Times, The Golden Transcript – Colorado, La Feria News – Texas, The Pasadena Weekly – California, and others around the country, including,  Contributing editor, Content writer for, and columnist of Caprock Patriot.


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