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Will the Real “Black Lives Matter” Please Stand Up

By S. G. Smith

I remember a game show on television that was called To Tell the Truth.  In this show, three contestants would enter and announce that they were some noteworthy individual famous for some great exploit or a life of achievement.  A panel of celebrity experts would then be allowed to question these contestants to determine which of the three was the real person being alleged.

Now, in this televised game show, two of the contestants would lie, mislead, or attempt to deceive the panel into voting for them as the significant person represented. These two, of course, were frauds, while one was the real deal. The viewing audience, although they couldn’t ask any questions, could still play along by making their own choice.  My memory does not serve like it once did, but I believe the fraudulent contestants received some financial benefit for their skill in deceiving the panel in voting for them.

The reality behind the format for this show occurs often enough in our lives.  Some of you might immediately think of one or more used car salesmen attempting to sell you their car.  Or perhaps, you might think of three politicians representing themselves as the best candidate for the job.  You get to vote; but will you have been deceived?

We are often engaged in collecting facts, and ferreting out the truth, to make the best choices in life.  We may suspect we are sometimes being deceived or played.  In our TV game show, this was entertaining and all in fun.  In real life, however, it’s not always so much fun.  Such deception could prove devastating.

Our Current Crises

As 2020 opened we were afflicted with a global pandemic and a resulting economic crisis due to quarantine efforts.  If that were not bad enough, we were soon infected with urban unrest and pockets of violence throughout the nation which seems to have ignited a veritable civil war.  This last phase of the crisis, involving racial concerns, may prove far more challenging than even the virus.

My question begins with: “What is Black Lives Matter”? (BLM for short) It presents itself as a social movement and there is even a BLM webpage, but the diversity of activity among different groups leads me to suspect there are really different BLM “contestants” vying for social supremacy in our culture today.

Is it #1, #2 or #3?

Before society starts drawing lines in the sand with the intent to engage in any civil war, we need a closer look.  I see this in a manner reminiscent of that game show I mentioned earlier.  Let us consider three contestants for Black Lives Matters in an attempt to determine exactly who we’re talking about.

Contestant #1 might represent the Martin Luther King Black Lives Matter. This group was defined during the 1960s as those who actively sought positive social change for the status of Black Americans.  They aggressively, yet non-violently, sought change based on spiritual and moral values consistent with our common humanity and our US constitution.

Contestant #2 might be considered the Black Power Black Lives Matter. Names like Stokley Carmichael, H. Rap Brown, Huey Newton, or Malcolm X come to mind. Several contributors from SNCC to the Black Panthers might be considered in describing this “contestant”, but due to a variety and differences between these, I’ll just summarize these in terms of Black Power.  This contestant was more revolutionary in character in that it progressively moved in a direction open to violent means, if necessary, for self-defense in asserting their socio-economic and political distinctiveness in American society. There was less concern about our common humanity than for an improved status for black people.  Their end was perhaps justified by any means.  More could be said about the subgroups representing this contestant, but I’ll pass on that for now.

Finally, Contestant #3 should be labeled as the Marxian-Leninist Black Lives Matter.  This group seems less concerned about black lives than it does about raw political power.  I thought about calling this the Antonio Gramsci Black Lives Matter, but I think the people in this group have become tired of waiting on any long march through the cultural institutions.  They want change… NOW!

There is much to say about Contestant #3.  This one has participated in other “game shows” manifesting a destabilizing impact in our society and culture.  The educational and environmental “shows” in recent history, as well as our current political game show, have seen this contestant before.

From political correctness to the current gender studies emphasis, the Marxian-Leninist fraud (MLF) has worked in education to redefine and control our language, thought, and behavior for the reshaping of our culture.  Despite the overt irrationality of LGBTQ…ABCXYZ as representing unique states of gender, this movement is parading throughout our schools as something worthy of significant consideration.  It is an obvious fraud, but I’ll gladly defer to someone like Dr. Jordon Peterson for a more enlightened psychological profiling of this monstrosity.

Concerning environmentalism, Patrick Moore, co-founder of Green Peace had much to say about the MLF some time ago.  After leaving Greenpeace, Dr. Moore indicated that the environmental movement had essentially been hijacked by leftists who were advancing their MLF agenda far more than expressing any real concern for the environment.  Wikipedia reported Dr. Moore as saying the environmental movement has “abandoned science and logic in favor of emotion and sensationalism.”  Elsewhere he indicated that since the fall of the Berlin wall, younger Marxists had nowhere to go.  Therefore, they co-opted the environmental movement to advance their radical social agenda.  The Marxian-Leninist Black Lives Matter appears to simply be another example of how the radical left has subverted some legitimate social concerns to advance its political agenda.

Contestant #3 is a very sinister dark horse in this race.  In the case of Black Lives Matter, I hope this is not the one we are collectively deceived into supporting.

Final Thoughts

In his book and video series, How Shall We Then Live, the late Dr. Francis Schaeffer made a profound comment which summarized international communist succinctly.  He stated, in a concluding video session, that the only way to understand Marxian-Leninism is that it is a Christian heresy.

As a child, I remember older folks using the expression: Godless communism.  At some point, the adjective was essentially dropped within our culture. Alexander Solzhenitsyn recalled, as a child, that older Russians explained the tragedy of Marxian-Leninist oppression by saying: Men have forgotten God.  Pastor Richard Wurmbrand dared to write a book entitled Marx and Satan. (Gee, wonder what that’s about?)  I suspect there is a deep spiritual connection in all this.  Are we getting the message?  I pray we wake up and choose wisely!

Submitted by S. G. Smith, Lubbock, TX



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