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Wilson City Council Votes AGAINST Sanctuary City for the Unborn Ordinance

Wilson City Council Votes AGAINST Sanctuary City for the Unborn Ordinance

By Mitchell D. Cochran

The city council of Wilson, TX, voted against outlawing abortion at their November 9th meeting. The ordinance would have immediately outlawed abortion within the city limits. Councilwoman Pat Cates was the sole vote cast among the city council in favor of the ordinance. God bless Councilwoman Cates for voting in favor of righteousness.

The ordinance was scheduled for a vote at their October 12th meeting, but the item was tabled due to the absence of two council members. A full council was desired for this important issue. On the same night that

The ordinance was scheduled for a vote at their October 12th meeting, but the item was tabled due to the absence of two council members. A full council was desired for this important issue. On the same night that Wilson tabled the ordinance, the City of Morton unanimously passed its version of the ordinance, becoming the 16th city in the State of Texas to pass an ordinance outlawing abortion.  However, the City of Omaha recanted and is no longer a sanctuary city.

The first to speak in favor of the ordinance at the November 9th meeting was City Councilman Mike Cummings from Joaquin, Texas. Councilman Cummings encouraged the council, “Tonight is the most important vote you’ll ever cast as a city council member.” Cummings shared about how Joaquin, located on the Texas-Louisiana border, was the fourth city to pass the ordinance, which outlawed abortion within their city. He talked about the opposition his city faced when they were sued by the ACLU and the victory Joaquin saw only three months later. “The ACLU withdrew their lawsuit, and abortion is still outlawed in our city. Passing this ordinance did not cost the city or taxpayers anything.”

In a final call to pass the ordinance, Cummings pleaded with the council, “If you’ve ever used God’s name while campaigning for office, tonight you better act like it. If you vote in opposition to this ordinance, leave God’s name out of it. If you’ve ever said, ‘After much prayer, I feel led by God to run for council,’ tonight you better vote like it. If not, leave God’s name out of it.”

Other leaders in the movement who spoke in favor of the ordinance included Pastor LJ Wright from New Home Baptist Church and Mark Lee Dickson, the founder of the Sanctuary Cities for the Unborn Initiative.

Councilman David Maldonado was quick to dismiss Senator Perry and Representative Burrows’ actions presenting the Lubbock City Council the Sanctuary City Ordinance as political. Maldonado relied heavily on the city of Wilson attorney’s legal counsel, W. Calloway Huffaker of Huffaker & Harris. Maldonado was successful in convincing the majority of the council to vote against the ordinance, against what some said was the will of the people.

Two years ago, during the 2018 Republican Party Primary, Lynn County voters had the opportunity to vote on proposition #7. This proposition gave voters the chance to voice their opinion if they were ‘In Favor’ or ‘Against’ this following statement: ‘I believe abortion should be abolished in Texas.’ In Lynn County, out of 957 votes, 672 voted in favor of the idea of abolishing abortion in the state of Texas.

Councilman Maldonado has previously written on Facebook (November 2nd, 2020),

 “Abortion [is] a local, state, and national headline… One side’s solution [is to] push their religious views on to the general population, by forcing [a] vote on outlawing abortion, an ordinance that goes against Texas law. This ordinance ‘creates’ a Sanctuary for the Unborn, but it leaves everything else high and dry. No sanctuary for orphans, for neglected children, for beaten children. No improvements to the fostering system or simplification of the adoption system…

“We look at groups out there, and as soon as we find out they are associated with abortion we blacklist them. Never mind the other services [and] capabilities that they bring to a city region, just blacklist them. The best way to end abortion is to ensure easy access to women’s and sexual healthcare. Instead of tabooing sex, we need to be talking about it, teaching about, and ensuring access to women’s and sexual healthcare. After all, outlawing something, without addressing the source, simply will move it behind the curtains.”

Maldonado is right to point out that many vulnerable groups need to be protected, and he is also right to say that more people need to foster and adopt. Additionally, he is right to say that unless we address the source of the evil, it will transform and move behind closed doors.

However, Councilman Maldonado, what are you doing to protect orphans and vulnerable children?

Surely, the first step to protect these children is guaranteeing their Right to Life regardless of age, development, and socioeconomic background. Laws and Ordinances are a significant part of our culture. Don’t say that we must address the source and then do nothing at all. We will never alleviate all pain and injustice. We will never have the source healed until Christ returns. That is why we hope in Him. Nonetheless, we must do what we can when we can. That involves both top-down and grassroots approaches.

What kind of message does this move send to the vulnerable of Wilson? Is this not the encouragement and endorsement of abortion? If a city does not actively stand for righteousness, how will it stand at all?

If our cities are not Cities on Hills, they will inevitably be cities with foundations of sand (Matthew 5:14; 7:26).

Submitted by Mitchell D. Cochran. Mitchell is a graduate student at Calvary University and is actively involved in the Sanctuary City for the Unborn movement in Lubbock, TX. Reach him at

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