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How Much Is It Worth?
By Dr. Bill Miller

Since the beginning, America has enjoyed the most freedom of any country in world history. Most people like freedom a lot, which is why so many around the world want to come here. But what most folks fail to realize is that freedom comes from God and not from some government. Only God can create freedom and make it available, while the government’s role is to regulate the amount of freedom that the people under it are allowed to enjoy. The natural unrighteousness of mankind has made it necessary, even before Covid-19, for our government to impose certain minimal controls so that we aren’t overrun with anarchy and lawlessness. But historically, the amount of government control in America has been the least ever attempted. In fact, over the centuries, the world has been characterized by monarchs and dictators ruling over the masses and reducing their freedom to zero.

When America decided through its leaders to declare itself free from Great Britain, it did so in 1776 by writing down and publishing its complaints and intentions based on the premise that freedom is a God-given right for all people. Those leaders put a high value on something that God had made available from the beginning of humanity but that few had been able to enjoy in the ensuing nearly six thousand years. They valued it so highly that they made the following pledge in writing as the last sentence of the Declaration of Independence:

We Mutually Pledge To Each Other Our Lives, Our Fortunes, and Our Sacred Honor.

For our founding Fathers, freedom had great value, and their subsequent actions proved that they were committed to this statement. Indeed, they had pledged to give up their lives and everything that was of value to them, outside of spiritual values, for the sake of freedom. Fifty-six men signed the document, thereby issuing their own death warrants should the British capture them later once the inevitable war had come here to decapitate newly-declared freedoms and reimpose control.

I find it tragic to compare the courage of those 56 men (and the more than a million colonials who supported their mission) to the cowardice of so many Americans today who incarcerate themselves in their homes in fear of a disease that has caused less than 1 percent of the population of the entire country to lose their lives. In 1776, half the population of that day was ready to die for the sake of freedom. It was more valuable to them than their own lives. The loss of life in 2020 is tragic. Indeed, life is sacred, but the loss of God-given freedom is, by biblical definition, catastrophic. I agree with the men of 1776: freedom is more valuable than mortal life itself, even as I mourn the loss of loved ones to this disease.

But it is the nature of mankind to get God’s priorities mixed up and to strive to take away freedom so we can control others. In other words, freedom isn’t a natural condition for us because it comes from God, and we have to acquire a new nature to even connect to it. Fortunately, Jesus came to make that new nature possible (2 Corinthians 5:17) so that believers in Christ could establish a way of life where freedom can prevail. Even nonbelievers can benefit from it if they’re willing to ignore their natural inclination to control others and not disturb the freedom they are living under.

Did you know that America is the only country in the history of the world to dedicate itself to God on its own without the Lord seeking the dedication Himself? God chose Israel with certain assignments in mind. But in our case, God was chosen by America, and He has blessed this country ever since with freedom and a never-before seen level of material abundance. America itself and our exceptionalism is God’s testimony to the world of what can happen when He’s the prevailing influence in one of the world’s nations.

The cause of the problem we now face is that most Americans fear death, and fear doesn’t come from God. According to the bible, what comes from God instead of fear is love and soundness of mind (2 Timothy 1:7). That makes faith the opposite of fear, where faith is defined as trusting God, which is what people of sound mind do. Unfortunately, most Americans don’t possess real faith, so they wind up in fear, which is the entryway to the loss of freedom. They are willing to give up some of their freedom and receive government-sponsored relief from their fear. They will give up their freedom to reduce their risk of dying.

What’s proving difficult now, according to the experience of an increasing number of people, is that it’s really difficult to regain freedom once it has been voluntarily given up. The little potentates trying to control us love their newfound power, and they don’t want to give it back. So, they find ways to extend the time of fear by introducing new fears that come through the exercise of their power. For example, restaurants are commanded to submit to ever-changing rules of operation even though the research doesn’t support them. When they complain and resist, they are threatened with the loss of their necessary operating licenses, which forces them to comply unless they have seen that freedom has a higher value than their “fortunes.” Welcome to your first experience with socialism/communism. You have no freedom. You have no property rights. You have no income because your business is closed, and you have no normal remedy, but you can stay home and watch the TV news, supposedly safe from the disease you are so afraid of. By the way, I am told that what the research does show is that you would be safer from this particular disease in the restaurant than you are cowering in your own home with your family. And I am not talking about the older and infirmed folks among us being cowards. They have a right and the good sense to stay at home; however much they need to.

If we truly want our freedom back, we will have to “fight” for it. I don’t mean violently, but I am confident that the little politicians across the country who have usurped our freedom will not want to give it back. They will want to prolong it, even to make it permanent if they can. Vaccines are coming, but it’s important for Christian believers to be stronger in their faith and a lot more dedicated to protecting this precious gift from God. We need to pray about it faithfully and assertively in faith. We need to talk about it in our churches and make the Christian position well known whenever and wherever we get an opportunity. This is not a secular political issue. It is a spiritual issue involving an anti-bible, anti-Christian movement that understands that if they can take over our God-given freedom, they will prevail. Our once free country will pass into history with all the others.

I’m not saying that America has ever been perfect or that it ever will be perfect. Nothing that people do is ever perfect. But I am saying that without God’s freedom, the remainder of His presence will depart, and we will be like the rest of the world, no longer exceptional and no longer God’s principal launch-place for sending the gospel to the nations as we have been for the past four hundred years. How much is your freedom worth? Is it worth everything? We should be more afraid that we won’t regain our freedom than we are of catching a disease with a 98 percent (+) recovery rate. And more than anything, we should come to know Jesus personally, and there will no longer be a reason to fear death.

May God help us restore and protect our freedom!

Submitted by Dr. Bill Miller, Granbury, Texas. Dr. Bill is the founder of Make A Way Ministries, a nationally recognized credit and financial counseling ministry. He has written hundreds of articles and more than 40 books over the past thirty-plus years, eleven of which are presently available on Amazon. In late 2018, Dr. Miller published an important book on national border integrity called The Truth about Open Borders explaining from Scripture God’s views on borders. He can be reached at or 817-533-9499.


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