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Barber Shop

In a small town near Washington, DC, a barber opened his shop for business at precisely 0800.

A young enlisted Marine comes in, needing a “high and tight.” The barber asks the young Marine about his service, and a lot of small talk takes place.

After the haircut, the Marine opens his wallet and the barber says, “It’s on the house, Marine. Thanks for your service to this great nation.”

The next morning as the barber arrives to open his shop, he notices a box on his doorstep. In the box was a note of thanks and a SEMPER FI bright red T-shirt.

That same morning a young Army G.I. comes in for a haircut. The same sort of story happens. They talk about the Army and other small talk.

After the haircut is complete, the G.I. stands and reaches for his wallet. The barber says, “No thanks, son. It’s on the house today. Thank you for your service to our country.”

The next morning as the man is opening his barbershop, on the doorstep he sees a box with an Army ball cap and a Thank You note.

Later that same day, a Master Chief comes in for a haircut. He is decked out in his full Navy dress blues. The barber is impressed and again, the same things happen… small talk about the Navy.

When the Master Chief tries to pay, again the barber says, “Not required, Master Chief. It’s on the house. Thank you for your service to this great nation.”

The next morning, as the barber arrives bright and early to open his shop, there on his doorstep… stood three more Master Chiefs!

Submitted by PM, Lubbock, TX. Author unknown.

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