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OLD SALT: Do Sweat the Small Stuff!

Douglas McArthur

“His master replied, ‘Well done, good and faithful servant! You have been faithful with a few things; I will put you in charge of many things. Come and share your master’s happiness!” Matthew 25:23 NIV

A Little Thing?

Never steal anything small. You are more likely to be charged, arrested, prosecuted, fined, and jailed for littering or shooting a deer out of season than for siphoning millions in bribes through your family or for corrupting the U.S. Voting system.

Advent Season?

This is the Christmas season when we should have our mind on the traditional Advent. The English word “Advent “comes from Latin adventus, meaning arrival or coming. With our country at a crossroad, or maybe an endpoint, we have a different Advent to ponder. If you are honest with yourself, be you conservative or liberal, you must admit our founders thought of this in advance and provided remedies. How I was raised, my Army and Navy experience, plus years on earth, has caused me to see the little things. It was the bold yet small ideals of our founders that caused this great America to flourish. As my Grandfather said many years ago, Americans can’t tolerate prosperity. You think about that! Think about the little things and omissions that have torn us apart.

Little Things Mean a Lot:

1954 Kitty Kallen hit song:

Blow me a kiss from across the room. Say I look nice when I’m not. Touch my hair as you pass my chair. Little things mean a lot. Give me your arm as we cross the street. Call me at six on the dot. A line a day when you’re far away. Little things mean a lot.

As my dear wife would say, “Old Salt, why are you putting this in your article, and why is it relevant?” She should say, “Old #@!! You certainly do not fit that song.”

At just short of 83, I could respond that romance is now a myth, but the memory brings back a better time when men were men and ladies expected to be fussed over. There was a time when people communicated face to face, sometimes even poetically. A time when the majority valued the little things, kept the faith, valued truth, and lived the American ideal.

More appropriate for my current frame of mind, and as influenced by my love for real country music, I would say a John Prine authored song, as delivered by Mo Bandy and accompanied by the great Janie Fricke, fits this time in America. That song is “It’s a Cheatin’ Situation”:

It’s a cheatin’ situation, a stealing invitation. To take what’s not really ours. To make it through the midnight hours. It’s a cheatin’ situation.

Paradise Lost?

As the most blessed country on earth, how did we get to this sorry state? Up until recent years, we were one people, rich and poor alike. People on the bottom of the totem pole were just as happy and content as any American. Why? Because they were free, equal, and able to attain higher things if they wished. As you can guess, I do not buy into the racial and social injustice hogwash. We have thousands of examples of people of every stripe proving the fruits of individualism. Kamala Harris said we all need to be guaranteed the “same outcome”. That, my friend, is pure Marxism, a formula for disaster.

If this is our end as America, how did it happen? Little crimes became big crimes, as they always will if not quickly addressed. For example, Al Capone or, for that matter, Joe/Hunter Biden did not come out of the womb as bad people. We are all born with a potential sinful nature and into a sinful world, but that does not have to be our life story. It all starts with the little things like “Spare the rod and spoil the child”.

Previously, I have written about the Military U.S. Code of Conduct Suggestions and our Founding Documents Suggestions or even The Ten Commandment Suggestions.  Of course, I say suggestions tongue in cheek. I am sure I am not alone in seeing these well thought out sets of laws and principles slowly crumble to suggestion level by many. For a free representative Democracy to exist and grow, it must have principles and laws all must respect and yield to.

Our moral decline was foretold in the Robert Bork book Slouching Towards Gomorrah: Modern Liberalism and American Decline. Liberals destroyed this man in a phony charade to keep him out of the Supreme Court. Had George Bush not caved, Roberts would have been one of our greatest Supreme Court Justices. Another small thing having historical consequence.

1950’s Keep Florida Clean Sign:

Let me get more basic. Years ago, I noticed little misdeeds were being trivialized, like laws and rules not enforced. For example, we’ve gone from its not ok to litter to its just peaceful to riot, destroy property, injury people, and disrespect any authority. We’ve gone from “Keep Florida Beautiful” and “Don’t Mess with Texas” to “Oh! They are just expressing free speech as they destroy like a swarm of locust.”

We tout our country as a nation of laws, yet lawlessness prevails from the Senate to the streets, through the FBI to City government, from the lowest courts to the Supreme Court. It is a cheatin’ situation in every way. It is a stealing invitation, as the song states.

The Biden Crime Family:

If Joe Biden succeeds in grabbing the Whitehouse, we will have allowed a “crime family” regime to run our Government. It is well document how Joe Biden has used his government job to enrich himself by funneling millions of foreign dollars through family members such as Hunter and Joes Brothers. If you doubt this, you need to do your research.

If big political crime is not prosecuted ordinary citizens, we’ll be persecuted. You can count on it.

Rigged Voting Machines:

Communist Dictator, Joseph Stalin, said, “It’s not the people who vote that counts, it’s the people who count the votes.”

Election fraud is an example of how little misdeeds over the years have now exploded. Not satisfied with slow and occasional cheating, the Liberals could not contain themselves; they decided to go all-in, thinking Americans are too weak or lazy to resist. Creeping up on their onerous schemes is the standard. These sycophants get away with murder, so why not steal a complete election.

Congressional… I’ve Got Mine Business as Usual:

Your vote doesn’t count! Maybe you thought we could live with Biden in the Whitehouse because you think you voted in a conservative Senate. Don’t get comfortable with that! The Senate is just a big rich elite club with few exceptions. Take Mitch McConnell’s statement upon learning he won his election; “All that matters is I will be the Coach. We will have to wait to see if I am the offensive or defensive coach”. In other words, he’s got his.

Senator Ted Cruz seems to be an exceptional and loyal conservative. Our other Senator, John Cornyn, is a conservative in name only. We all had no choice but to hold our nose and vote for him. Filling his bank account is all he is good at! I strongly suggest a recall petition to replace him. Our Governor could then pick a name out of the phone book for a better replacement.

In Summary:

If you hear the words “For the good of the Country”, you can be sure the SWAMP has screwed us.

No matter the Presidential election outcome, it’s time for a nationwide-grassroots armed citizens defense force; since our governments, from local to the highest level of the Federal Government, repeatedly shirk their duty, we must act. We need to protect loyal Americans everywhere, on local streets, businesses, neighborhoods, all the way to the streets and halls of Washington. Enough of having black-clad thugs blindsiding good Americans. Every American, of every stripe, should be included in this effort so long as they vow allegiance to the founding documents. Imagine being able to move about your hometown or anyplace in America. Confident other citizens will defend you as needed.

Americans for America!

What are your thoughts? I would love to hear from you. If you wish to comment, please contact me at

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and God Bless You All.

Submitted by Old Salt, Douglas McArthur, USS Forrestal; Ships Company, USS Saratoga; VA 34 Blue Blaster Squadron, and U.S. Army Reserves (Florida National Guard). 

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