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OLD SALT: Don’t Tell Me What to Do!

By Douglas McArthur

In a Perfect World

Case 1: How would you like to live in a world where everyone can do whatever they darn well please? Is that the utopia of your dream? Some would consider that “perfect world” their nirvana. Nirvana, in Buddhism, is basically a state of nothingness. For me, that indicates you are dead.

Case 2: Maybe you prefer an orderly world, one where the ground rules are well established. In this orderly world, people live by a common set of values and laws that apply equally to all. Individuality is encouraged and applauded so long as each person follows the moral and basic codes. In this world of one for all and all for one, freedom is found in the individual’s ability to excel and prosper based on personal initiative. Equality is found in being born free and with a chance to excel, no more or less, as this is the only birthright. The people then appoint worthy leaders to maintain and secure this basic framework. You are alive and free!

In the first case, e.g. nirvana, you should recognize this as the anarchy that has taken over states like Oregon and New York or cities like Portland, Seattle, and Minneapolis, and even to some extent Atlanta. Do you want that for your loved ones?

In the second case what is described is a representative democracy. I will hazard a guess that our founders had this simple idea of organized individuality in mind. Out of that sprang the greatest country in history. I challenge anyone to identify any place on earth to compare with the American opportunity. I maintain the overwhelming percentage of Americans would cringe at the thought of destroying America. Make no mistake, destroy our founding principles and there is no more America. Will you vote to save America, or will you join the anarchists?

What went wrong? (Dare I say Man-babies and Karen’s)

A majority of Americans revere the simple ideals embodied in the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights. Unfortunately, many of those are too busy just living to pay attention, coupled with getting false news from mainstream TV news.

I like to use the example of my U.S. Navy experience as a simple example of how good order makes for a good life. For example, an aircraft carrier, or any Navy ship, has many divisions, a diversity of people all under one law, one authority. What would go wrong if one or more of the crew or officers had an attitude of “Don’t Tell Me What to Do!”.  Shipmate, that is what anarchy is all about and is the very attitude being capitalized on by the far-left politics. The actors in this charade are man-babies and Karen’s being egged on and controlled by hidden Democrat activists. It’s all kabuki theatre where the real goal of this madness is hidden.

Don’t Tell Me What to Do!

Unfortunately, we in America have had it so good for the last fifty years we have raised several generations of the “Me” generation. I am referring to those having no appreciation of our history because either they were not taught or were fed some revisionist pablum. The so-called “peaceful protesters” and rioters in Democrat bastions are clueless tools being used by puppet masters behind the curtain. These wretches are the same individuals who have the “Don’t tell me what to do” attitude. If their puppet masters succeed in overthrowing our system these poor tools will end up in the liberal dung heap.

This “Don’t tell me what to do” attitude has reached a crescendo. I am sure you have spotted it in angry people with an attitude you see in daily life. Following are a few local examples I noted in the two weeks:

Incident 1: TCU is home to the great Horned Frogs football team. A few days ago, legendary coach Gary Patterson heard a self-described hotshot freshman liberally throwing around the so-called N-word. The coach informed the player that language is unacceptable at TCU. The player “Don’t tell me what to do”, pointing out his color, stated he had a right to use that expression at will at which Coach Patterson advised the hotshot he could easily be shipped back to his northern state. The player went public making all kinds of false claims. The coach had truth and 25 stellar years at TCU behind him. TCU executives backed Coach and “Don’t tell me what to do” decided to shut up and play football.

Incident 2: Whataburger is a classic Texas burger and fries place. Last week a customer observed a server wearing a Black Lives Matter facemask. Correctly the customer questioned the Manager who said she was unaware of the offense as that is against the uniform code. The Manager reminded the employee she is required to wear the company supplied mask and offered the offending employee a fresh mask. Little Miss “Don’t tell me what to do” stated her right to wear the BLM insignia at will. Correctly the Manager informed the employee Whataburger is a purveyor of good burgers and fries not a distributor of social justice. The employee insisted on her right and was told she must follow the company rules. The smart “Don’t tell me what to do” stated she will just give her 2-week notice. The manager thanked her and told her she was relieved immediately. It was necessary to have the police remove the clueless ex-employee. One local talk show host wisely said the NFL, NBA, and MBL should take lessons from the Whataburger manager who stated we are here just for burgers and fries. Seems NFL, NBA, and MBL have forgotten they just sell entertainment, not social justice.

Incident 3: Braum’s Ice Cream and Dairy is a Texas staple for great food and ice cream. Two days after the Whataburger incident the manager of a Braum’s in Fort Worth had a disagreement with a family enjoying a late-night treat for the kids. Seems the manager, maybe having a bad day, was upset because the family was still there at closing time. That interaction alone wouldn’t have been a big deal to the party, all of whom are black, the customer said. But the manager, who is white, followed them outside to continue his argument before referring to the customer’s friend by the N-word in front of everyone including the 4-year-old, leaving the 22-year-old father “in disbelief.” The customer pulled out his phone to start taking video as soon as the manager came up to their car. “Go back inside. I don’t care,” the customer’s friend can be heard saying in the video from the passenger seat of their car. “You racist little (N-Word),” the manager says in response. “I’m sorry if that offends you ma’am”, the customer’s friend said. That exchange cost the Manager a job the next day. If you are having a bad day, you cannot attack the customer, you can’t take it outside. AND, you sure can’t (and shouldn’t!) apply the N-Word. We all need to adjust our attitude toward others, and we all need to applaud when the offended person or group maintains their cool and finds a peaceful way to a resolution. Too bad the Manager lost the job the next day. It’s a hard lesson, the customer is always right even if he is wrong. This customer did right in not overreacting.

Incident 4: The Dallas Cowboys (Formerly Americas Team). Today Jerry Jones reneged on his promise to forbid any disrespect to the American flag, our National Anthem, or any other patriotic representations. He indicates he has caved to his millionaire “Don’t tell me what to do” football players. He now indicates he is applying the word “Grace”, thus allowing those who wish to disrespect the Flag to kneel and those who feel a need can show respect. Obviously, Jerry Jones lacks the cojones of a Whataburger manager.

Believe me, as an 82-year-old who has been around the block a few times I have seen this “Don’t tell me what to do” sickness growing since 1965. The Democrat’s hunger for power and inability to accept the will of the people has now brought us to the brink of becoming a dystopian society. Their foot soldiers are identified above.

Nightmare of a Dystopian Society

In this time of endless so-called “peaceful demonstrations”, vicious riots, and wild looting sprees, you frequently hear of a future Dystopian Society. That refers to a world in chaos, not a happy place. Its is worthwhile to review the definition of such a state:

Dystopia definition is – an imagined world or society in which people lead wretched, dehumanized, fearful lives (think Seattle, Portland, Minneapolis).

In such a world, after the initial chaos and destruction, a tiny handful does very well and lord over the masses, their cohorts, who barely exist. Freedom lovers, you and me, become trash under the feet of the miserable masses (think of the McCloskey couple who protected their Saint Louis home).

Think of Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Joe Biden/Kamala Harris, and their close followers as those who do well. Think of the lazy, dependent, and disgruntled souls who disrespected the citizens and police to burn cities as the “Don’t tell me what to do” masses who were the used cohorts. Think of you and me, as well as the majority loyal Americans, who will lose everything.

That is Dystopia! Will you vote for this, God forbid!

You are the hope. Will you step up to save America?

YES: Vote Trump/Pence for President

NO: Please stay home

Do your part! Vote to SAVE America! If you’re as frustrated as I am, email me

Submitted by Old Salt, Douglas McArthur, USS Forrestal; Ships Company, USS Saratoga; VA 34 Blue Blaster Squadron, and U.S. Army Reserves (Florida National Guard). 


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