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Old Salt: It’s All Ones and Zeros Mate

By Douglas McArthur

Life lesson compliments of the U.S. Navy

You’re going to think this little nautical tale below is mundane given the last chance election we are facing. Here is where wisdom is demonstrated by old people like me. Wisdom rarely, if ever, comes from smart as a whip youth who can code or make a computer whistle Dixie.

First… to quote Joe Biden when confronted about job losses if he wins, he blurted out “For God’s sake learn to code” as if he knew how; that’s not wisdom Hiden’ Biden. Most coders (programmers) today only code in little “code stacks” after being told by their elders what to put in these little instruction stacks. These supervising elders, or groups of senior people, have years of collective knowledge. Even in that scenario way above the heads of these elders are probably the real brains; the visionaries of wisdom, like an Elon Musk, Larry Ellison, or Bill Gates.

Second… today it would be politically incorrect to make a computer whistle the beautiful song, Dixie. P.S. you can easily program your computer to whistle Dixie! Just go to YouTube and type in “Whistle Dixie”. See! You are computer savvy too. (See the Side Note at the end for real career opportunity)

True wisdom comes from thousands of little experiences over many years. Don’t be fooled, the left must destroy our wisdom, economy, social norms, history, our common sense, and every tradition to achieve full power and destroy individual freedom. What is on full display on our West Coast and major Democrat-controlled cities is a concerted campaign to erase or cancel thousands of years of wisdom such as documented for us in the Bible and myriad other historical accounts. The left will wipe out 245 years of fine-tuning the greatest earthly society for individual freedom and development ever devised for mankind. The left will eradicate the very founding principals embodied in our Declaration of Independence and Constitution. Why? To seize God-given inalienable rights and replace them with Government as god (the little ‘g’ is on purpose!).

A Nautical Tale of 1’s and 0’s

Here is the little Navy tale I promised. If you have followed my articles you know about my 4 years as an Aviation Guided Missile Petty Officer on the USS Forrestal. I worked and studied hard intending to move to the Civilian Aerospace Industry only to run head-on into a recession upon discharge. In short, I could not buy a job in technology. So, in September 1960 I took a job as a loan collector for a Florida bank. I hated it but was good at it. After four years of success and becoming a senior loan officer I still had a burning desire for technology. Unfortunately for me, the boom in aerospace technology had shifted from vacuum tubes to solid-state (transistors, etc.)

Cutting to the chase, after four years out, I reenlisted in the Navy to get experience in the new electronics. I was taken back as an E-3 Aviation Electronics Technician assigned to a Squadron on the USS Saratoga. In the intervening 4-years, Aviation Guided Missile technicians were no longer required as air to air missiles were now too reliable. Since I would be maintaining the simple terrain mapping and collision avoidance radar on A4 Skyhawks, I was sent to a quickie 1-week training course.

Now, this was life-changing!

I knew electronics and was quickly adapting to transistors. In my old navy, there were no digital electronics and I didn’t even know what digital meant. In training, as we reviewed all the various circuit functions, I was stumped by something I had never seen. It was a circuit that made the collision avoidance function work. I asked for help from the CPO instructor and he explained the details and said “Get used to it! Soon it will be all ones and zeros”.

Eventually, I recognized the little circuit as a couple of flip-flops and “and” circuits, sort of the heart of digital computers. Taking the old Chief seriously I made it my business to learn all about digital logic over the remainder of the enlistment. As a result, I had no problem landing a good job with IBM followed by years of rewarding work repairing, engineering, and selling digital computers.

That statement, “It’s all 1’s and 0’s” was reinforced again in 1967 when an engineer at NASA helped me understand a digital to analog converter used in the Apollo simulator. His line was “The world will all go digital my friend”. Paying attention to these little words of wisdom was solid gold.

So where is the wisdom?    

It pays to keep your ears and options open to little things conveyed by people and sources with much more experience than yours. One little wise gem, idea, or positive action can redirect your life in great ways. Who knew that a little thing like Ones and Zeros could so envelope us universally?


Speaking of digital technology, the hottest new stock to come out in initial public offering (IPO) is Snowflake Inc… The stock symbol is SNOW. It may be the biggest thing since Google. A part of my career was deeply involved in digital storage technology and SNOW is the ultimate state of the art for that field. As I write this article on September 15, by the time you read it the IPO will be long past and you will know if I was full of it! I have arranged to buy a few shares.

Knowledge and experience gained by others a decade ago or two thousand years ago is not to be squandered, erased, or canceled. What if the art and science of Leonardo DaVinci had been canceled because it was only 99% perfect or if Albert Einstein had been erased because he could not prove all his theories with existing technologies? At our peril, we can cancel mankind’s wisdom proven over thousands of years.

Childish wisdom is the act of putting a hand to the hot stove a couple of times to realize its destructive and painful. Adult wisdom is to stand on the shoulders of giants of history for a better outcome.


Everything taken to its simplest form is, pretty much, Ones and Zeros. Tuesday, November 3rd we all have a choice; do you support socialism or individual freedom. If you vote Democrat, you are volunteering for slavery and the end of America. If you vote Republican you are for self-sufficiency, freedom, and the American way.

Politics in America is no longer about two or three parties, each having a slightly different take on our Constitution. It’s no longer our Grandfather’s America when they said, “There’s not a dime’s worth of difference between the Democrats and Republicans”. Oh! How I wish that were the case today! If we had two, or even three, contenders madly in love with one ideology, the outcome would always be palatable for all. That love for our founding principles is why our representative government has survived 244 years

No! Dear friends, there is an evil afoot having no interest in fine-tuning our representative democracy. Pure democracy is mob rule. You are seeing mob rule in living color if you have paid attention. People have died, property destroyed, lives ruined, law and order thwarted, police murdered, all in Democrat-controlled cities and states. All this mayhem has been orchestrated by Democrat operatives just to disrupt and seize power. Unfortunately, mainstream media, for the most part, refuses to show this perpetrated chaos because first, they are complicit, and second, they know real Americans would totally freak out.

If these forces win you cannot hide and there is no place to run. There is only one America. It’s up to you to preserve it!

Please do your part voting and urging others to vote to save America.  Early voting in Texas runs 10/13 – 10/31. Election day is 11/3. Be there… in person!

Side Note

Incidentally, about those people who learn to write those code stacks, most people could learn to do that. If you successfully took a short course you could be looking to earn a six-figure income. With everything moving to the web, the cloud, 5G, cell phones, etc, every public or private organization needs thousands of coders. Check with your Community College or web search for courses available. In a sense, this somewhat easy way to make a living has caused the youth of this country to think they are smarter than a fifth-grader. This easy life leads them to believe they do not need the wisdom of their parents or anyone of advanced age. Trust me on this prophecy, this too shall pass.

If we don’t self-destruct, as quickly as these new opportunities appeared, they will disappear. Why? Entities with the real brains are busy developing A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) that will eventually eliminate the need for coders. The reason China will not turn over full control of Tik-Toc is that software has that A.I. capability.

Once A.I. comes of age maybe Hide’n Biden would then say “For God’s sake get a Doctors Degree on A.I.”. (Watch Oracle stock to follow the Tik-Toc situation)

Last word: There are many government types, generally meant to lord over the people for the benefit of a ruling class.

There is and has only ever been one AMERICA.

What are your thoughts? I would love to hear from you. If you wish to comment, please email me at

God Bless You All.

Submitted by Old Salt, Douglas McArthur, USS Forrestal; Ships Company, USS Saratoga; VA 34 Blue Blaster Squadron, and U.S. Army Reserves (Florida National Guard). 


















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