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The Pusher & The Preacher
By Peter Adams

IN TODAY’S WORLD, where there is so much horrific and stressful news, everywhere we turn, it is good and fair to hear something uplifting and encouraging in the news.

During my time with the US Postal Service, I was friends with a tall man who was known as the “drug pusher.” We worked the night shift for a couple of years. He came in one night with a big grin on his face and everyone thought he was just high. But after 3 days, he still was smiling and didn’t say much at all. I finally went up to him and asked him, “Hey man, are you high on drugs?”

He replied with a big grin, “No.”

I said, “You’ve had this smile on your face for 3 days now. What’s going on?”

He looked at me and then said, “Ok, I was invited to a small Bible Study and I went. I ended up getting saved and then filled with the Holy Spirit.”

I said, “Really…” Then he asked me if I wanted to go. At first, I said no, but his smile was so appealing and infectious that I said, “Yeah, I’d like to go with you.”

Well, it happened to me too, and like my friend, my life and surroundings began to change. My eyes were opened up to see the poor, the needy, elderly and transients who were silently screaming out for help. I gave away $27 thousand dollars in 5 years on the streets. It seemed that God would direct me to these people, tell me what to say to them and what to do for them. Some wonderful stories about these times.

BACK TO WORK at the Post Office. There was a young Baptist Minister who worked in the accountable cage (we’ll call him Brad), situated in the middle of the workroom floor where all the gold and silver were kept. He asked the “pusher” and I what was going on with us and we told him. Everyday after that, he would bring his Bible to the break-room at lunch and “show” us that this gift was not for today. We would never argue with him, just smile and say, “I don’t know what to tell you brother, but we have it and it’s truly real.”

Then one night at around 1:30am, I was walking past the Preacher in his cage. It was as though someone grabbed my arm to stop me in my tracks and the Lord said, “Brad needs $100 dollars.” So, I shook the cage door and the Preacher looked up at me and said, “Yeah?” I said, “How much money do you need.”

Brad replied, “I don’t need any money.” Then I said, “The Lord just told me you need $100.” He chuckled and sarcastically said, “I don’t need any money, but if I do, I know where to come.” As I turned to leave, with a smile I said, “You will.”

At 3:00am, over the intercom came, “Brad, you have an emergency phone call on line one.”

When I heard the call, I pulled out the $100 bill and folded it up in my hand and waited. The Preacher came and found me. With a sheepish look on his face he said, “That was my wife. She needs $100 right now. She’s on her way up here to get the money.”

I smiled as I handed the $100 dollars to him. He took the money without saying a word and slowly walked out on the dock to wait for his wife. 

AFTER A FEW WEEKS, the Preacher sat down and ate with the ex-pusher and I again. He began to tell us what had happened to him. He said, “On the way home after you gave me the money, I was angry with God. I told him, “You speak to these two guys and they’re just laymen. I’m a Pastor and you don’t talk to me at all. There’s something wrong here.’”

Finally, I gave up and said, “Ok, if it’s that Baptism of the Holy Spirit, then maybe I need it too, so I ask you to give it to me just like I asked for salvation.” Then something warm came all over me and I began to speak in a language that was foreign to me.

When I got home, my wife was waiting for me with breakfast. Excitedly I told her, “Honey, I just got filled with the Holy Spirit.” Angrily she looked at me and said, “Brad, we’ve been taught that this was of the devil. I want a divorce.”

Every day I came home and saw her bags packed and sitting at the front door. Then, after a few weeks, I came in the door and she said, “Sweetheart, sit down, we have to talk. I’ve seen such a change in you… for the good. It’s as though you’ve just come alive. If it’s that Baptism of the Holy Spirit, then I want it too.”

We both knelt at the coffee table and she received the gift too. My marriage is stronger and better than ever… and, my sermons are anointed and truly have life in them.

Now that’s A Little Good News Today. 

Submitted by Peter Adams who worked for Brown & Root offshore oil & gas pipelines and Drafting at Chemical Plants, Representation in Arbitration Cases for the Fed. Gov., Church Elder many years, now a retired Rancher. He can be reached at


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