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“The Miracle of a Bull Attack”
By Peter Adams

ON SATURDAY, October 10th, 2019, I used up one more of my nine lives. I have some Jersey cows, calves, and a Jersey bull on the land at my house. Some of you Dairy Ranchers already know where I’m going with this; for others, maybe this will save your life.

Lately, this bull has been sticking his horns in the ground, plowing up dirt like a tractor with a middle buster. A while back, I cut off part of his horns, leaving 5” blunt horns. I really should have noticed the change in his personality, but we get complacent and comfortable with our animals, thinking the older they get, the more docile they get like an old porch dog.

I went out to the barn as usual to feed the bull, and he met me in the middle of the corral with his head down, whites of his eyes showing, snorting and pawing the ground. He lunged at me with his head down, catching me in my knees, and put me flat on my back. Then he put his head and horns against my body and pushed me across the corral and up against the 6’ wooden fence. He continually horned me up against the fence from my head to my feet for about 4 minutes straight. He stuck one horn in the middle of my backbone, and I heard bones cracking. I thought, “Oh my God, he’s breaking my back, and I’m going to be paralyzed.” Then he stuck a horn in my lower rib, and I heard bones breaking again.

I kept thinking, he’ll let up soon, and I’ll be able to get away. He never let up one bit. You finally just give in to the pain, knowing that there’s nothing that you can physically do… just hope he’ll finally QUIT and walk away.

THE BULL KEPT ON pounding the muscles in my legs, butt, stomach, shoulders, back, and head. When I finally realized the bull was not going to stop pounding me in the ground, I began to loudly cry out, “God help me…. Jesus, help me. Lord, if you don’t get me out of this corral, this bull is going to kill me. I don’t see any way out of here, but I believe in miracles.

Just then, the bull stopped, put his horns under the middle of my body, and threw my 220-pound body over that 6-foot fence… to safety. I hit the ground with a thud and immediately began to thank God for saving my life.

Adrenaline was flooding my body, dulling the pain, so I was able to get up, walk over to my truck and blow the horn until my wife came outside and helped me to the house. I was covered in blood from my head to my boots, my nose was twice its normal size, I had big knots on my forehead, and my clothes were ripped up.

As we walked to the house, I stopped, turned around, and looked back at the coral. I told my wife, “I feel like all of this happened for somebody… that somebody needs to hear this. You’re going to think I’m crazy, but if this helps someone, all the pain was worth it.”

MY WIFE SHOWERED OFF the blood, changed my clothes, then off we went to the Emergency Room an hour away. When they wheeled me into the ER room, 22 Nurses, Technicians, and Doctors were crowded in there with my wife and me. I asked them what warranted so many of them to take care of just me. They laughed and said, “We all wanted to see what a man looks like after a bull got through with him.” As they took my clothes off, all I could hear was Oooohs, Awwws, and Oh my gosh.

After the X-rays and MRI, they said I had two broken ribs, a cracked vertebra, and my body looked like I’d been naked in a paintball shoot-out with yellow, purple, black, and red paintballs.

Finally, they all wanted to know “HOW” I got away from that bull. I looked at them all and said, “Do you really want to know the truth, the real truth, how I got away from that bull?” And they smiled, saying, “Yes.”

I cried out to God, saying, “God help me, Jesus help me. I don’t see a way out of this coral, but I believe in miracles, and if you don’t get me out of this corral, this bull is going to kill me. As soon as I asked God for His help, the bull put his horns under me and flipped me over the 6-foot fence to safety.”

I THOUGHT THE NURSES, Doctors, and Techs were going to have a Hallelujah shouting Sunday go-to-meeting time right there in the ER room. I couldn’t see her, but I heard a woman in the back say, “Oooh… I really needed to hear that with what I’m going through right now.” There was my answer. I felt like God allowed this all to happen just for her.

Now my friends, any miracle from God is “A Little Good News Today.”

Submitted by Peter Adams, an author of two published books on Amazon, “Teach Me How to Pray With Authority”and “RAPTURE Does The Bible Tell Us When.” Church Elder for many years, now a retired Rancher.




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