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Breach Birth and Downs Syndrome
By Peter Adams         

ABOUT 5 YEARS AGO, I applied for some additional Life Insurance, so they sent out a Nurse to do an exam and draw blood. The Nurse brought her pregnant daughter-in-law with her. The young mother saw a sign in my kitchen that said, “Jesus Is Our Strength,” and she said, “Oh, you’re a Christian?”

I replied, “Yes I am.” Since you’re pregnant, let me tell you of a miracle that happened with a young dad and his pregnant wife. It was Sunday and we were at church. The couple was sitting in the back of the church for easy exit access just in case she went into labor. Suddenly, I saw the husband stand up and wave his hand trying to get my attention. He motioned for me to come to him quickly. He said, “My wife is in labor, would you please come to the hospital with us for the delivery?”

I could see in their eyes that they were scared and needed support, so I smiled and said, “Sure, I’ll go with you.”

ONCE WE ARRIVED at the Hospital, they quickly escorted us into an exam room and the doctor checked for the baby’s position. He looked up and sternly said, “The child is breach, we have to take your wife in immediately and do a C-Section.”

The young husband looked up at me with a pleading look of help, “What do I do?” I smiled at him and his wife and said, “Tell the Doctor to let us pray for your wife and the child before he takes them in for the C-Section.”

The young husband turned to the Doctor and asked, “Could we take a minute and pray for my wife before you do the C-Section?” The Doctor scoffed and said, “No, we don’t have time for that nonsense. The quicker we get your wife in, the safer it will be for your wife and the child.”

The young husband looked at me again with desperation in his eyes, so I said, “Tell the Doctor it’s your wife and your baby, and to give you just 3 minutes to pray for her.” He reached out and touched the Doctor on the arm and said, “It’s my wife, give us just 3 minutes to pray for her.”

The Doctor threw up his hands in disgust and shouted, “FINE!” then briskly walked out of the room.

I smiled at the young woman and told her to put her hand on her stomach, where she could feel the child, then told the father to put his hand on his wife’s hand. Then I softly placed my hand on top of theirs and began to pray;

           “Father, thank you that you are here with us and that you hear us

           always when we pray. You said in Psalms that you were there in the

           darkness of the womb, forming this child’s inward parts and knitting

           this child together. You knew this child even before it was conceived.

           This child is fearfully and wonderfully made. Now, you gave us

           authority in Jesus’ name, so together in agreement and in the name

           of Jesus, we speak to this child in the womb and command it to turn

           right now, and get into the right position for a normal delivery.”

THE DOCTOR CAME BACK into the room and in a perturbed voice said, “Now can I please take her in and do the C-Section?” The dad smiled and said, “No, not just yet. I want you to check one more time and see if the baby is still breached.”

The Doctor loudly said, “FINE!” and began to check one more time. He slowly stood up and had the sickest look on his face. He very quietly said, “The baby’s head is down in the birth canal. It’s not breached anymore. We won’t have to do a C-section.”

The young mother in my house began to cry. She said, “My doctor did an amniocentesis and said my baby has Down’s Syndrome and is pressuring me to have an abortion. Would you pray for me and my baby?”

I smiled and said, “Put your hand on your stomach, then I told the Mother-in-law to put her hand over the young mother’s hand, then I put mine on top of theirs.” I began to pray with absolute confidence talking to my heavenly Father just like He was right there in the room with us. I asked Him to reach through our hands and touch this child in the womb and heal it completely and cause the child to be born healthy with no trace of Down’s Syndrome. We ask all of this in Jesus’ name, Amen.

IT HAS BEEN FIVE YEARS since I saw or heard of this young mother whom the doctor said her child would be born with Down’s Syndrome. Last month, I applied again with another Life Insurance company. They gave me a phone number to call and set up an appointment with a Nurse to come and do the exam and draw blood. Once I talked with the Nurse and set the appt. date, I said, “Your voice sounds familiar. Have you ever been to my house before for an exam?”

She said that she had not been to my house. I said, “If you are the Nurse, you would have brought your daughter-in-law with you and she was pregnant and asked me to pray for her and her baby because her doctor said the baby had Down’s Syndrome.”

She said, “Oh my gosh! That was me and my daughter-in-law. The baby was born perfectly healthy and did not have Down’s Syndrome which really puzzled the doctors. He is five years old now and his name is Cooper.”

Now, that’s A Little Good News Today!

 Peter Adams worked for Brown & Root offshore on oil & gas pipelines, drafting at chemical plants, and as representation in arbitration cases for the Federal Government, Church Elder many years, now a retired Rancher. Contact Peter at

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