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A Word of Encouragement

By Peter Adams

I woke up at 4:30 am this morning, and the Lord began to speak into my heart that this      time, right now, is going to be one of those, “BUT ONLY GOD” moments.

It reminded me of the many times God would tell what He was about to do mightily before the people and then say, “Then they will know that I am the LORD their God (Exod.16),” or “That’ why I will teach them about My power, and they will know that I am the true God (Jer.16),” or “Then they will know that I am the LORD God (Ezek.13), and in Ezek.36, “I’m going to affirm my great reputation that has been defiled among the nations, that you have defiled in their midst, and those people will learn that I am the LORD,” declares the Lord GOD, ‘when I affirm my holiness in front of their very eyes.”

When everything is so bleak, and beyond man’s help or intervention, this is when God shows up.

I remember personally when my Bull attacked me and got me down. I thought “I” could get away from him and save my life, but the Bull wouldn’t quit. He broke two ribs, fractured a vertebra in the middle of my back, and pounded me from my head to my toes. When I saw that I couldn’t do anything myself, I cried out to Jesus and to God to HELP me. That’s when God did a miracle right before my eyes.

When I was in Bulgaria, God showed me what was soon going to happen to a little preacher woman and what to tell her. She would get sick and go to the hospital, be diagnosed with Leukemia, lose her weight till she was skin and bones, then the doctors would give up on her and send her home to die. When death was pronounced on her, when man could do nothing more, that’s when God healed her miraculously, and then her village knew that He is the LORD God. It all happened just as God revealed it first.

This… is where America is right now. We have prayed, we have repented for ourselves, and for our nation, we knew that if Trump were not re-elected, it would be the end of America as we know it, and the wicked would triumph and wax stronger and stronger, mocking Christians and their God.

The Liberal News has publicly proclaimed a malignant disease on America, and she will not recover. They have told us to go back to our homes and stay there; it is their time and not ours anymore. They have publicly denied God and all that is Holy. They will usher in the new god “Socialism,” and make you accept and worship it. They have said with their actions, “Where is this mighty God of yours?” You and He are the real problems here in America. We will get rid of the both of you, and we’ll have no more problems.

Just as the little preacher lady in Bulgaria, when they pronounced “death” over her and sent her home to die, that’s when the LORD God showed up and did a miracle in their midst for all to see, and THEN they knew that He was the true and living LORD God.

We have fasted, we have prayed, we have proclaimed God’s word and His faithfulness… now it’s time for us to be still, continue to pray, but to be still and watch the Mighty hand of God Almighty stand up before the nations and do the impossible. The wicked have proclaimed victory over righteousness, them over our so-called God, but it is now time for the world to see and say that He is truly the LORD God, for no man could do what He has done.

Even the foreign nations have denounced President Trump and praised Biden. They welcome the wickedness that they are so used to and comfortable with.

God is about to show Himself mighty and vindicate His Holy Name before the nations. As the little Bulgarian preacher lady learned that the doctors’ pronouncement of death over her was not the last word, or me when that Bull was showing me and proving that this was the end of my life, we should not listen to the News Media that righteousness has been defeated and evil will now reign in America.

We should rest, have confidence in the LORD God, be at peace, sit back and be still, and watch our God show Himself mighty before the world.

Then they will know that He is the LORD their God.    

Peter Adams worked for Brown & Root offshore oil & gas pipelines and Drafting at Chemical Plants, Representation in Arbitration Cases for the Fed. Gov., Church Elder many years, now a retired Rancher.


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