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Build a Bridge

By Estelle Cleaveland

Let’s build a bridge to fill the gap…
An Enemy has come in while the church took a nap

Unaware they came in while our leaders were asleep
Disguised as good seed, but they were the creeps

Before we knew it and as quiet as a mouse
Yes, you guessed it… he snuck into the house

New he won’t stop there, cause he’s in it to win it!
The courthouse, schoolhouse, White House and Senate

In every construct, every business, and institution
And he’s creeping up the ranks trying to kill our Constitution

We’ve got to stay alert cause he works in the night
And he’s lurking in the shadows to steal our Bill of Rights

Ungodly men ordained to this condemnation lascivious
Perverted and immoral abominations

The church must stand and begin to teach, not just preach
Before another generation falls in the breach

Our men must wake up and take their rightful place
Or women and children will sadly be displaced

The family unit broken up, and our homes destroyed
When all the while, this tragedy we can avoid

By coming together and uniting our faith
Discarding prejudice, bitterness and hate

Petitioning our Heavenly Father to hear our cry
Repenting and lamenting our sins we don’t deny

There’s crime in our streets, and famine in the land
Lying and cheating our fellow man… unemployment has gotten out of hand

Everywhere you look, there’s violence and guns
Gangbangers and drug dealers after our daughters and sons!

So, let’s build a bridge with our prayers of intercessions
And admitting our guilt, failures, and flaws this is our true confession.

We are your people called by your name this we humbly say,

We’re seeking Your face, turned from our sins and pray that you will forgive our sins, hear from Heaven heal our land AMEN!


Submitted and written by Estelle Cleaveland, Lubbock, TX

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