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Civil War II

By Fritz Berggren, PhD

In 2015, I began to formulate thoughts about a second U.S. Civil War. If something fundamental did not change, I mused, we were on a course to domestic conflict. Only the absolute capitulation of those on the “Right,” (conservatives, libertarians, Republicans, Christians, Constitutionalists) would prevent this. That was the trajectory we are on in 2020.

The 2016 election of Trump confounded my pessimism; there was, in fact, half the country who saw through the lies of the Left and were willing to vote accordingly.

The political Right has real potential to resist the Left, but we lack organization. And money. All the money on the Right has been going to status quo organizations like the Republican Party, and “traditional” oppositionists (those who speak against the Left, but quickly fold when it is time to lay down their cards). The Republican Party has retreated every step of the way.

If the Right finds a backbone, war is coming. The Left won’t concede — they have painted themselves into a moral corner with no way out. If the Left (BLM, Antifa, the leadership of the Democrat Party) makes peace with the so-called Nazis and racists then they betray themselves.

But we aren’t quite there yet.

Many are afraid of conflict. This is why we are silent. Who doesn’t want to get along? Who doesn’t want to compromise? We are taught all our lives to get along and compromise.

The problem is that the Right has compromised itself into defeat. We are the Neville Chamberlains for America.

Remember the Moral Majority? People were so afraid that the Moral Majority was going to turn the U.S. into one giant Christian theocracy. Look at where we are today — transsexualism is taught to children in libraries and basic Christian morality is called “hate speech” in public schools. America, led by the Left, has turned into an Anti-Christ theocracy — a giant cult that suppresses dissent and crushes free speech and rejects Christian orthodoxy. This is what compromise has achieved.

Christians deserve the blame for this — we have been silent and cowardly. We have replaced God’s Law with the traditions of men (“tolerance,” and “inclusivity”), and called it Christianity.

Remember the “Moral Majority?” It failed. It sought conventional solutions to an unconventional war. It fought on the old battleground of “voting” while the left took over the institutions — the Press, the Universities, the public schools, local and state government, both political parties, unions, lawyers guilds, Hollywood, charities, non-profits, and the entire legal system.

Those brave enough to post on social media get de-platformed — this alone should tell you that “free speech” has no meaning in an America controlled by Leftist totalitarian institutions like the Universities, and Google, and Facebook, Twitter, Apple, and Amazon. Books are banned and writers are de-platformed, university professors are fired, policemen lose their jobs, military professionals are forced out, and bureaucrats are terrified of even whispering against the Leftist political agenda. Welcome to totalitarian America — we are already there.

Right now, the District Attorney in Portland is refusing to charge rioters with crimes. Meanwhile, that couple in St. Louis are under criminal charges for daring to stand outside of their own home, on their own property, holding firearms when a known violent group was marching by. Right now, the State of New York is determined to sue the National Rifle Association into non-existence; yet no one — local, state, or national — is pursuing charges or civil suit against Antifa, BLM, Redneck Revolt, or any of a dozen violent left-wing organizations that have destroyed property, committed arson, encouraged violence, organized riots, attacks police, and is calling for the overthrow of the government.

Women get arrested for not wear COVID masks while our cities are assaulted with riots and arson. They expect “conservatives” to obey while they encourage rioters to foment a revolution.

Vote. Yes, vote. But at the same time, wake up and realize that your vote doesn’t matter anymore. State after state voted against homosexual marriage; they found a court to force it into law. Our representatives created laws to protect us from arson and rioting — but the prosecutors won’t charge rioters. We agreed to tax ourselves to fund a police force — then mayors “defund” the police. Guess how much money will go back into your pocket? None — it will go to support another social justice agenda that no one voted for. Trump was constitutionally elected, yet he is for hamstrung by endless assaults from within his own Executive Branch (Comey, Brennan, Clapper…). He is charged, and his people are charged, but the real traitors walk free.

Do you see a trend? It is a whole pattern that screams that the social compact is broken.

One rule for you, another rule for me. They accept the rules when they win. When they don’t win, the rules are “racist” and “oppressive” and “white privileged.” The mere accusation justifies riots, murder, and arson. If you agree with them (or keep silent) they may leave you alone. If you dare to speak up, they call you a Nazi — and we were taught from grade school that Nazi’s are fundamentally evil.

Hillary Clinton called us the Deplorables. Joe Biden says that 15% of Americans are irredeemable.

Getting the picture? There is no longer a place where we can come together — either we submit to their totalitarian agenda, or, we wake up and realize that voting won’t be enough this time.

Christians must fight or we are not worth saving. The fight starts with speaking out — yet we are too scared of “offending” people. If we are not brave enough to speak then organizing is impossible.

If we try to keep our speech as actions “moderate,” well, that was the Republican Party for the last two generations and see how that worked out.

The Church has become the salt that is good for nothing but to be tossed out and trampled under the feet of men. Nothing makes the Left happier than religious people who support homosexuality, open borders, a secular society, and who reject the Ten Commandments, all in the name of “tolerance” and “diversity.”

Either we stand up and fight like Gideon or we aren’t worth preserving. Time to tear down idols and light some torches.

Now these are the nations which the Lord left, to prove Israel by them, even as many of Israel as had not known all the wars of Canaan; only that the generations of the children of Israel might know, to teach them war, at the least such as before knew nothing thereof; (Judges 3:1-2)

 Submitted by Fritz Berggren, PhD. For more information and to read more of his articles, visit


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