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Elections, Consequences, & A Black-Robed Rudder

By Leo Jaloszynski

Plato, a Greek philosopher in 375 B.C., wrote The Republic. It is a work written about democracy as a form of government using a metaphor called “the ship of state”. Using this “ship of state” metaphor when reflecting upon the “state of our American Union”, I would understand that, as American citizens, we are the sailors. Our captain of the ship is the President. And the “rudder” is the Supreme Court.

Our present form of American government is divided into three branches: the Executive branch, the Legislative branch, and the Judicial branch. Our nation’s founders recognized the necessity of a balance of power between the three government branches to protect the peaceful transfer of power, following a presidential election in a Constitutional Republic. In our nation’s history, rarely has the Supreme Court been called upon to decide the results of a “contested election”. A “contested election” happens when the “Electoral College” cannot determine who the next President of the United States will be.

I am writing this commentary in the shadow of the November 3, 2020, election. To say we are living in unprecedented times, as Americans, does not adequately describe the dangerous fog of uncertainty that we find ourselves sailing in on this American “ship of state”. The virus Covid-19 causes us to distrust one another in our efforts to defeat this national and invisible enemy. The power of “the media” and “social technology” rulers threatens our ability to discern “truth”. Who could “We the People” trust in our attempt to decide whom to elect as President to be the “Captain of our ship of state”? Or, as a mob of sailors, will we be rushing to see who could control the rudder of our “ship of state”, i.e., the Supreme Court.

In 2009, President Obama said, “Elections have consequences, and I won”. As you read these words, we all will be thinking about the prophetic power of those words spoken by an American President. What if there are only eight “unelected” black-robed justices sitting on the Supreme Court bench? What if the decision about a “contested election” results in a four to four Supreme Court tie vote? Why a four to four tie vote? Because the ninth unelected “black-robed” justice was not voted upon and given the empty bench seat before the November 3, 2020 election. Then “the rudder” of our “ship of state” could be controlled by a “contingent election” in the House of Representatives. An eighty-year-old, named Nancy Pelosi, can’t wait to get her hand on “the rudder” of our “ship of state”.

Patriots of this “Experiment”, we lovingly call America, what will we be talking about as you read these words? What will be the consequences of the decisions made by what, Christians believe, are “the elect”? “The Elect” are people chosen by their Creator, Redeemer, and Holy Spirit to be informed and obedient citizens fulfilling their duties as sailors on this “ship of state” called America. What has been decided by God’s chosen people in an election, with God’s sovereign blessing, is whether our “ship of state” has crashed on the rocks because the wrong person gained control of the ship’s rudder, or she still sails peaceably into more sunsets on calm seas as “out of many one”. We will be reaping the fruit of our prayers and the judgment we deserve for our lack of spiritual repentance, or we will or will not be singing “God’s Truth is Marching On”.

Lord, have mercy upon us as we mourn in righteous judgment or humbly rejoice in one more season of our heavenly Father’s mercy.

Submitted Courageously by Leo Jaloszynski (aka Pastor Ski), Re-fired Pastor (will never retire from serving the Lord), U.S. Marine – Semper Fi, Greensboro, NC (previous Pastor and friend of the Caprock Patriot Publisher).



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