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Forging the Memories of the Future

By Fritz Berggren, PhD

Don’t worry; it’s going to get worse. It has too.

If America “woke up” and realized what a mess we are in, and suddenly the GOP and Democrats got along, and there emerged a “new consensus,” then I’d bet every dollar that it would be Traditional Americans that, yet one more time, caved in to the demands of the Left.

That would solidify the promotion of homosexuality in our schools. Our schools — this country does not belong to the government, nor do our children. It will accelerate the demonization of white kids in schools. Mark my words, if you have a child named “Fritz” or “Thor,” it is not far off when SJWs will demand they adopt non-Nordic names that don’t trigger them. Our children will be turned out of public schools unless we assent to this humiliation.

Acquiescence now means the continued dehumanization of traditional Americans as “deplorable,” and “irredeemable,” and “Nazi.” It would set in concrete the policy of de-platforming patriots and Christians. Any Christian who thinks the Bible is “politically correct” hasn’t spent much time reading it recently.

We aren’t ready to fight yet. Too many still think someone is coming to save us, and that it’s just a bad dream, and that we’ll get “through this together.” Too many still want to keep our heads down, keep our voices low, and stay invisible, hoping the angry hordes turn their wrath on someone else. Perhaps, we think, we can eke out our existence for a few more decades — maybe things will change them, and it will get better.

That’s not going to happen.

There’s an old saying: “the beatings will continue until morale improves!” And I think there is a truth in that statement. God is trying to get our attention — don’t just blame this on the devil.

I remember back in Junior High school. Some boys would walk the halls in packs. Larger boys — and they’d take pleasure in harassing some poor soul (who already had enough social baggage to deal with). Some victims responded by slinking down the sides of the halls hoping no one noticed them. That student was cowed.

And that is the root word for a coward — one who is cowed. One who is brow-beaten into silence, who justifies hiding as a survival tactic (we all want to be the gray man!), has been cowed. He is a cow-ard. (I’m working through this like everyone else.)

Like in the movies, sooner or later, our underdog hero (remember Karate Kid?) wakes up and realizes that there simply is no point at which “we can all just get along.” And that boy changes.

He makes a decision deep inside to fight back. Inside, he births moral courage that is the foundation for physical courage. Moral courage is the harder and nobler of the two. It is priceless and, like honor, can be taken with you into eternity.

God is trying to get our attention. He’s going to send bullies until enough of us decide to wake up. If we don’t, the line into hell is led first by the cowards – Rev 21:8. Courage is a fundamentally Christian requirement.

For too long, we’ve sought acceptance by bullies who have loaded us with so much guilt that we dare not raise our voice in protest because we are fearful (cowardly) of the accusations that drive us toward our own destruction:

“Racist!” They scream if we want strong borders.

“Sexist!” they say if we teach our children that the Father is the head of the household.”

“Homophobic!” they cry when we demand that marriage is between one male and one female.

“Intolerant!” They scream when we dare raise a point of view that they won’t tolerate.

These are the tactics used by the Pharisees of old — they would invent “precepts” that counter-handed God’s commandments.

Jesus Christ specifically defended the Fifth Commandment when confronting the Pharisees. It is a duty to honor your ancestors — it is non-optional. It is an obligation to the Past and the Future. Honoring one’s ancestors is a fundamentally Christian requirement — it is the foundation of our continuance as a Christian nation. Without a Christian nation, our ability to evangelize the world would wither away. And so, it has.

Make no mistake, this is a war. They want the blood of innocent children (from abortion to the child abuse produced from homosexuality). Like the Pharisees of old, they are masters of manipulation, accusation, slander, half-truths, and endless petty rules that form the chains of our slavery. And we have assented to it.

Here is the choice:

  1. You can pretend you are wise for being the gray man.
  2. Or — like Gideon — get out of your hidey-hole and make a ruckus. Live not by lies. Speak the truth, boldly.

Stop being afraid. If they called our King Beelzebub, why do you expect them not to call you a Nazi? They use these words because we have submitted to them — these words “cow” us into obedience as we seek acceptance from those who hate us anyway. That is the definition of an abusive relationship. We must have the moral courage to walk away.

The dull and boring life of the Church is over. Let those depart who cannot summon Christian courage. Now we honor our ancestors. Now we fight for our descendants. Now is the age in which we forge the memories that our great-grandchildren shall remember us by.

Submitted by Fritz Berggren, PhD. For more information and to read more of his articles, visit


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