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Idolatry of the New World Order

By S.G. Smith

What was going on in 2020?

As we look around at all the crises in the world today such as social tension, race riots, pandemic panic resulting in lockdowns, stolen elections (??), not to mention our future relations with China, Russia, or the Middle Eastern countries, we are tempted to think that the world has gone insane.  The fact is that the world IS going insane.  However, there are reasons, and perhaps forces, behind this developing insanity.

As I ponder our current situation, I realize we are not experiencing any one crisis which we have not historically seen before.  What appears to be new is the accumulation of these events and the global extent to which they are taking place.  Like world wars in the last century, we seem to have entered a period where we have converging global crises.  So, is this really a natural phenomenon unfolding before our eyes, or has there been individuals or groups who implemented (and are maintaining) all this unrest?  Could it be…get ready…a conspiracy ?  Maybe it’s really something else, but let’s examine the difference between random natural events versus a planned conspiracy.

One Crisis After Another

Apart from the ongoing Trump/media conflict, 2020 seem to start like any other year.  However, by the end of January there was a red alert about a nasty virus named Sars-CoV-2 (or COVID-19) which had floated in from China.  This virus is very real, but the questions remained a) is this a naturally occurring virus that sprung up in a Wuhan wet market, or b) was this a bioweapon which was released, or escaped, from a nearby Chinese biological research facility?  I have neither lived in, or have ever been to Wuhan, so I have no direct empirical information upon which to make any final judgment. However, when Dr. Luc Montagnier (Nobel Laureate who discovered the AIDS virus) says that he examined the COVID-19 genome and doesn’t believe it could have inadvertently developed in nature, well, people like me start to get suspicious.

By late March 2020, face masks, social distancing, and lockdowns were being differentially implemented around the US, and apparently other countries, in response to what was now being referred to a global epidemic, or pandemic.  Sadly, the quarantine measures that were implemented became politicized while authorities were responding with fines and other threats as the year progressed.  Even Church services, as well as clubs or restaurants, were severely restricted in their practices regarding public assembly.

Authorities pressed for their all-important vaccine “cure”, and even the president motivated the medical community to produce a “safe and effective” vaccine before year’s end.  Would this really happen by a December deadline?  Would it really be safe and effective, or did perhaps Bill Gates, and others, have another plan?

While public tensions were growing, film footage of the George Floyd incident, associated with a number of other reported victims, began flooding the air waves sparking a resurgence of race riots, which occurred in various urban centers throughout the country.  Now, along with Antifa, Black Lives Matter (BLM) became a new social movement.  When others, such as pro-lifers, attempted to enhance this message with complete inclusivity, All Lives Matter, there was blowback.  Was BLM really concerned about Black people, or did Marxist tactics come to mind?  Well, check out their website and decide for yourself. Somehow all this seemed much different than Dr. Martin Luther King’s methodology in the 60’s. Later it was discovered that pallets of bricks were often preplaced at riot locations, which, gave a strong impression that somehow these riots were preplanned rather than spontaneous.  Preplanned?……..starting to smell a little conspiratorial to me.              

When uniform agreement failed to be reached within the general public regarding these cultural issues, it became obvious how deeply divided we were as a nation.  The cancel culture (which I have referred to as the weaponization of political correctness) went into high gear using social media platforms as their mode of attack.  Well beyond the previous college nonsense or the liberal/conservative, (no-Trump/pro-Trump) rhetoric, the new cancel culture phenomena became the driving force for the woke narrative, socially persecuting anyone who dared to deviate or question their cultural standards.

Well, of course, as we know, this continued all year long and into 2021.  Round and round and round we go, when this insanity will stop nobody knows… unless there is some secret agenda.

Lions & Tigers & Conspiracies, Oh My!

It just so happens that there is a conspiracy afoot.  However, it is not to be understood in terms of a clash between economic classes, races or gender identification.  It is not a matter of political distinctions between liberal versus conservative, fascist versus communist, or even a more refined analysis of problems concerning industrialization and urbanization.  No this conspiracy is as old as Babylon, or rather, Babel.

Despite the ridicule that the term conspiracy receives from various spokesmen or cultural leaders today, there is a reason for the word.  People do plan, plot, and conspire here and there to achieve certain ends, whether these are legitimate or nefarious. However, there is one conspiratorial source that, sadly, is dismissed out of hand.

For various reasons, that would take too long to discuss, people in various quarters of American society don’t like to discuss or talk about God.  Sadly, despite the spiritual ignorance that results in any proper understanding of how the universe or society is to operate, such people will be ignorant of the plans and purposes of Lucifer, Satan, Beelzebub, Mephistopheles, by any other name from a plethora of ancient (or even more recent) cultures.  Our ignorance of these matters will result in our peril.

If we are to have a handle on a great deal of the hardships and afflictions from which humanity has suffered, then we must understand Lucifer’s role and intentions within this cosmic conflict.   Ironically, his plans are not diametrically opposite to those of the Creator.  Satan desires to be like God and supplant His position and authority.  This makes understanding the behavior of men more complex when they commit such horrendous acts in the name of, or in service to, their idea of the Almighty.  Fallen humanity is blind, and we are lead astray through plans of well devised subtlety.  Some of us might use the word, conspiracy.

So What’s the Deal?

From the first twelve chapters of Genesis, we are introduced to what have been referred to as creation mandates, divine institutions or covenants.  These mandates apply to mankind universally.  Although documented in the Bible by Moses, these mandates or divine institutions apply to all of mankind, since the call of Abraham.  The nation of Israel, of course, received a more extensive refinement of these principles, yet Israel is still bound to these universal ordinances, as well as every Gentile nation since the time of Abraham.  These divine institutions are listed below with some corresponding perversions associated with each one.

  1. Work… 1. Debt, Slavery, Socialism
  2. Marriage… 2. Divorce, Adultery, Sodomy
  3. Family… 3. Murder, Abortion, Infanticide
  4. Government… 4. Anarchy, Tyranny, Statism
  5. Nationalism… 5. Globalism, Communism
  6. Israel/Church… 6.Anti-Semitism, Anti-Christianity

Along with the destruction or diminishing of the person and work of Christ in redeeming fallen humanity, Satan works to disrupt the harmony of these universal institutions in order to weaken the nations.

For those familiar with the Marxist program of Antonio Gramsci, his “long march through the institutions” is equivalent to the destruction and replacement of the Biblical covenants listed above.  Coupled with the manipulation of the historical features of the Gentile powers alluded to in the book of Daniel, we arrive at the monstrous chimera which will rule the world during the time of antichrist.

  • Babylon –  money, usury, and deficit financing
  • Medo-Persia –  bureaucratic regulation and control
  • Greece –  humanistic philosophy, rationalism
  • Rome –   statism and legal oppression

Do we not see this emerging even now?   Every serious or silly notion (environment, climate change, racial or gender equality, LGBT, etc.) is crafted to send the nations of the NWO back to Babylon.  Beware the wrath to come upon this global idolatry!

Submitted by S.G Smith; PO Box 93075, Lubbock, TX  79493


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