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Resisting Tyrants Is Obedience to God
By Fritz Berggren, PhD

Jesus Christ fought the stifling legalese of the Pharisees. In word and deed, Jesus resisted that group of religious/political leaders who controlled and manipulated the Jewish people. Jesus Christ came to set them free from the guilt manipulation and legal torture of the totalitarian system of His day.

Witness the tyranny: the blind man. He confessed that Jesus Christ healed him. Result? He was cast out of the synagogue. This was a de-personing of a dissident — he could no longer socialize or engage in business with any other Jew. He was de-platformed, dehumanized, debased, and de-personed. This is how dissidents are treated in 2020.

During the time of Christ, being kicked out of the synagogue was costly. The Pharisees perfected the art of social and political control when they elevated their traditions and precepts above the Word of God.

The Soviet Union, Cuba, China — all the great totalitarian countries likewise follow this model. The laws and regulations are so broad that a simple conversation over coffee — or acknowledging that Jesus healed someone’s eyes — can result in ostracization and economic destruction. Everyone is a suspect, and everyone rats each other out. The Chief priests had rats — Judas was a spy on the inside of Jesus’s group — a paid informant. In the USSR and China, any word deemed “counter-revolutionary” or “imperialist” would result in loss of a job, loss of one’s family, and very possibly a trip to Siberia for a decade for “re-education.”

Jesus warned us to beware of this leaven of the Pharisees — the elevation of precepts over principles. It has ripely infected the United States.

“Yes,” they say, “you have the right to free speech.” As long as it is not racist, sexist, homophobic, queerphobic, transphobic, intolerant, divisive, hateful, or anti-Semitic. As long as it does not contradict the official narrative as controlled by the modern Pharisees regarding vaccines or disputed elections. Like the Chief priests, unwilling to do the dirty work themselves, the Pharisees in government clap with glee as “private companies” gut the First Amendment in order to maintain their totalitarian grip on acceptable discourse and “facts.”

This is the leaven of the Pharisees — they lawyer everything to death until the intent of the Law is completely undermined. Jesus Christ rebuked them for undermining the intent of the Fifth Commandment (Honor Your Father and Mother) with their legalese.

We have the same with the Second Amendment: “Sure you have the right to bear arms, as long as it only holds ten rounds, isn’t larger than .50 caliber, does not have detachable magazines, no collapsing stock, flash suppressor, pistol grip, or looks like a military rifle. AND you must register it; with the federal police. And we’ll put extra taxes on all the ammunition and require background checks on that too. And you can’t gift any firearm to your children unless you repeat the background checks and register a weapon to them.

After all, why does anyone need a firearm? This echoes the Pharisees — “after all, why do you need to financially support your parents — we’ll do that for you, so give the money to us.”

Every portion of the Bill of Rights has been undermined in this way. Yes, we are secure in our persons (but that doesn’t include our internet usage, cell phone usage, emails). Yes, all the rights not enumerated herein are reserved to the states or the individuals — except that we can overrule any of that due to the “general welfare” clause. Yes, the states can make their own laws (such as marriage between a man and woman only), but if we, the Court (the scribes), don’t like it, we reserve the power to overturn it because we are the Sanhedrin — above even the Law itself.

The totalitarian wolves clamor at the chains, yearning to tear everyone who does not actively promote their leftist agenda. Witness — the peaceful dinners in Washington DC who were threatened with violence and forced to stand and raise a fist to support BLM. They have made themselves clear — “silence is violence.” Keeping one’s mouth shut is insufficient — nothing short of active support of the Leftist agenda will satisfy them. This, of course, is the same in every totalitarian country in history, from the Babylonian statute on the plain, to Rome, to the USSR, Mao’s Cultural Revolution, and Castro’s Cuba. Today, American College Professors, Deans, and Presidents have fallen before this totalitarian onslaught; it wasn’t that they were not good Democrats — they just weren’t fervent enough to satisfy the lust of the modern-day Pharisees for total ideological submission.

Citizens today are cast out of jobs, schools, and opportunities for acknowledging politically incorrect facts. This was the same with the man who simply acknowledged that Jesus healed him.

But there is good news. We have a champion. We have a political leader.

He rose from the Dead. His name is Jesus Christ.

We are in rebellion against the Pharisees — the million little totalitarians — who elevate their twisted traditions over the clear reading of both the Bible and the Bill of Rights.

Let us be clear — Jesus Christ was crucified for speaking a politically incorrect truth — He claimed to be One with God Almighty. The Pharisees objected to a theological point but truly feared the loss of their own power. They warned each other that they would lose their own positions and the nation if Jesus were allowed to continue. And so, they murdered him.

Ahh, but He rose from the dead. We are witnesses to this fact.

So, our story continues. Shall we let these little totalitarians — these scribes and Pharisees — undermine our most precious and sacred ideals enshrined in the Bill of Rights and the Declaration of Independence and the Ten Commandments? Or shall we allow the leaven of the Pharisees to hamstring our duty to be a great Christian nation while they wallow in their power and corruption and abuse our children by propagating deviancy in our schools? They have made it impermissible to object to institutionalized child abuse as they condemn “homophobia.” And we stand for this, still?

To be clear — Christians do not obey every little law the Pharisees impose upon us. Laws are minimal to the Christian. The Ten Commandments are all that God put upon His people. But today, the leaven of the Pharisees would control our every word and action. Peter, Stephen, and Paul — rebels all — were repeatedly commanded to “no more speak to us in the Name.” Yet, they defied the Pharisees and High Priests and continued to spread rebellion in the heart of the totalitarian system they had too long endured.

Let us be like Jesus, Stephen, the blind man, and the heroes of Hebrews 11 who refused to be intimidated and who refused to obey man-made precepts that were no law at all. We must resist though they kick us out of their modern-day synagogues.

If this generation of men does not fight, then our descendants and ancestors alike will accuse us at Judgement Day.

 We have our examples.

We see what it cost them. 

What say, ye, brethren? 

Submitted by Fritz Berggren, PhD. For more information and to read more of his articles, visit


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