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Light in the Shadows

By Jim Phillips

Suddenly the police are pounding on your door. You’re under arrest for worshipping Jesus Christ. What do you do? If Christianity became illegal in America, how would your faith and your church survive? The new e-book, “Light in the Shadows”, tells you how from real-life experiences of people jailed here and overseas for following Christ.

For one, our churches and even families will have to change. Just what ministry can continue without exposing us to arrest, fines, and torture? Or do we still have to run those risks? We’ll have to carefully scrutinize what we’ve been doing so far… has it been fluff or biblically-based? Persecution will divide families. What do we do if parents throw out children who truly get saved and only want to shine for Jesus? Who takes them in? Or if the parents are later converted, their children don’t understand them anymore and are tempted to turn them in for a reward? This alone can keep you awake at night. So, we begin to explore the cost of obedience to families that Jesus explains in Matthew 10. Similarly, we’ll have to learn how to deal with betrayal. Jesus did.

Overnight you’ll need to know how to keep your worship meeting place secure and protect individual identities. Forget that comfortable building that’s finally paid for where you assemble now. Next Sunday, you might be meeting in a grimy welding shop at night. Now you’ve got to protect your identity inside the church… so take down photos and names on your bulletin boards.

If you record sermons, never give full or real names of other believers. And protect your identity outside the church; delete and cancel the church website/social media and remove Christian bumper stickers. And remember, visitors could still be brought to your assembly — and you hope this will happen — for salvation. But what if they are spies or informants? Learn how a pastor of a Romanian church under communism helped protect the identities of his members. He found out they had to make and follow rules they never envisioned. They had to change. So, will we. Our world is changing.

What about how to deal with courts, trials, jails, and prisoners? “Light in the Shadows” explains a vital courtroom strategy… if the Constitution is still in force. You’ve never been to jail in your life. Now you might be there for months. From my experiences from 21 arrests and months in jail in different cities for blocking abortion clinic doors to keep moms from entering to kill their children, I’ve learned what the first question is other prisoners will always ask how you got there. That opens doors for serious witnessing. In my experience, when other prisoners see you’re in jail for taking your faith seriously, you’ll seldom if ever be in danger. But I tell you how to handle those who won’t beat you up… but still want to give you trouble.

No seminary in America teaches you how to prepare for this. Our churches don’t really believe we’d have to go underground. Have you noticed how many fellow believers still don’t think this could happen here in the good ole’ USA? But you’ve seen something coming for a long time. Have you watched how churches in California in 2020 have been threatened with fines and forbidden to worship indoors?  Did you hear about Elim Romanian Pentecostal Church in Chicago who was told in May 2020, by the state of Illinois, that their sanctuary could be torn down — bulldozed — for not complying with COVID regulations?  Forget our buildings for a moment. What we need is to know what to do NOW before our loved ones may be taken away and never seen again.

You’ve seen God warning this country. You’ve also seen how we lose freedom after major crises. Be it nuclear war, a total worldwide economic collapse, or worse. It’s time to know what to do. “Light in the Shadows” is an easily readable guide showing how we can still shine for our Savior in times we never thought would happen. Let’s prepare while we still can. Proverbs 27:12 says “A prudent man sees evil and hides himself, the naive proceed and pay the penalty.”

From Saturday, September 19th through Saturday, October 31st you can download the book for FREE? It’s normally $6. So, brethren, go to and it will direct you to where you choose to get your copy. After you’ve read it, I only ask you to go back to the website where you got it (for free!), like Barnes and Noble, Scribd, Apple, Kobo, etc., and give me an honest review by of 0-5 stars.


Submitted by Jim Phillips, a street preacher in Amarillo, TX. Jim is an ordained minister, a former pastor, and street preacher that has preached in 37 cities in the US and Mexico. For more information, visit his website at You can email him at


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