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Nothing About Being a Believer is Easy!

By Ann Birdsong

So many of us have questions right now… I thought would share an answer to a question I received last night from a friend. I think a lot of us can relate to this right now.

“My youngest daughter is a Senior in HS. She hasn’t complained much about everyone’s world turned upside down and all the senior activities she and friends are missing….but I know she is feeling more than I can imagine. We have discussed these issues, but today she asked me something that I didn’t know the best answer to give her. We were discussing the virus and praying for those affected and an end to the virus. She said, “Why can’t God end this? He could…”

Maybe you could help me with a better answer to give her.

My response… I think one of the best ways to understand it or to explain it is by describing the story of Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane. In Mark 14:36 Jesus prays for God saying, “Abba Father, all things are possible for you. Remove this cup from me, yet not what I will, but what you will.”

He was asking God to remove having to die on the cross and all He was about to endure. Why would a father allow his son to have to go through all of that pain and suffering and then allow Him to die?

Jesus is ALWAYS our example! He knows it is possible for God because He knows God, but He also knows “His Will Be Done.” He has a will, He has a plan; and just like Jesus knew, we also know because of His word, that God is Good!

It is ONLY through faith that we believe.

We need to know He is Good.

We need to know He has a bigger and better plan.

We need to believe He is the beginning and the end. He sees ahead. Our ways are not His ways.

What we are seeing may seem like a bad thing but may actually be something beautiful that we just can’t see yet. We need to pray and ask God to open our eyes to it, so we don’t miss an opportunity for growth through this. A growth that will allow us to better understand Him and be drawn closer to him.

He is the God of restoration. He allowed Jesus… His ONLY son to die on the cross because HE KNEW it was for a better good!

He gives and He takes away. We just need to TRUST in Him. We need to trust in what we know and believe about Him. He created the universe. He created life. He holds the world and every spec of sand and piece of hair in it. He holds the stars. He tells the waves where to stop. I would trust Him and follow Him anywhere; every day of my life because of that and that alone.

Not everything about Him will make sense… no one can explain Him, and that is okay!!! We just need to know WHO He is. He is (fill in the blanks with all that you know)… He is wonderful. He is all-knowing. He is the beginning and the end. He is the creator. He is LOVE. He is good. He is patient. He is kind. He is a just God. I could go on and on!

We also need to remind ourselves of His promises. I encourage you to write down and memorize His promises and find comfort in the fact that we are His. He chose US!!!

Do not let death scare you or the numbers be frightening. We all have expiration dates… and He knows when they are. And remember, we also know that death is NOT the end!

We have few opportunities to really show God our faith towards Him. This is a perfect opportunity to run the race. Thank Him, praise Him, do not grow weary!

Let Him know that no matter how much we don’t see good; we know He is in it. It is okay for us to tell Him we don’t understand. It is okay for us to question. But we also need to let Him know we BELIEVE in Him, that we TRUST in Him, and we are THANKFUL that He has all of this in control and that we don’t have to.

Lord, this year may look different than the one we envisioned, but we are excited to see the portrait that you are going to paint for us through it!

My prayers and heart are with each of you!

Nothing about being a believer is easy. Nothing… but it’s worth it!

Submitted by Ann Birdsong, Evangelism and Engagement Director, Munholland United Methodist Church, Metairie, LA; sister-in-law of the Caprock Patriot


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