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Peace & Love

Peace and Love are coming, they are knocking at the door!
Love and Peace for all mankind, shall last forevermore.

No more wars, and no more hate! No more death or pain.
All of these will disappear, once Emmanuel does reign!

Glory to the Father! Hosanna to his Son!
Give thanks within the Holy Ghost, who makes us all one!

He shall always love you, whether right or wrong!
Let Jesus into your heart, and forever sing his praise song.

When your heart is fearful, and all of your faith seems gone,
Lift up your voice and praise him, then darkness shall be dawn!

One day we’ll see Christ coming, in total victory!
On streets of gold, in robes pure white, with King Jesus we shall be free.

Peace and Love are coming!

Submitted and written by John Caldwell Calhoun Jr, Monroe, Louisiana

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