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The Church and Politics

By Dr. Bill Miller

It’s common these days to hear people say that it isn’t the job of the Church to reform government. Pretty much everyone would say we’re having government problems but let the Christian religion stay out of the reform process and continue to just ‘tend to matters’ inside the walls of the local church. There is, some of them would say, a principle to be adhered to called the SEPARATION OF CHURCH AND STATE while others who don’t particularly agree with the first point of view might say that THE CHURCHES SHOULD NOT EVER BE INVOLVED IN POLITICS.

Are either of those ideas biblical? Where did they come from? The first is an erroneous understanding of the First Amendment. The second has neither a historical or biblical basis and is holding the Church back when it ought to be proactive in the reform of government at all levels.

On the first point, even though the Supreme Court, counter to the vision of our founding fathers, has allowed the SEPARATION idea to creep into our system of government, to date it has had nothing to do with the political process. And hopefully, it NEVER will. The local church is free legally to be involved in our political process as much as it wants to. In the history of the United States, there has never been a court or IRS decision against a church or a Pastor for involvement in politics. The fear of that possibility is a bogus concern that’s NEVER happened and to exclude the Church from that freedom would be unconstitutional.

The other point of view is that the local church shouldn’t be involved in politics based on the idea that the political process isn’t a religious activity. Is anybody still reading their Bibles? It’s full of politics and in case you missed it, the Kingdom of God is pure government and Jesus is the King! Several people have mentioned recently: “Jesus never tried to deal with the Roman government, therefore neither should we.” Fortunately, our founding fathers didn’t fall for such a lame idea or we would be a British Commonwealth today instead of the greatest country ever.

Rather, the American Revolution was LED by Protestant Pastors and their church congregations. They did it so effectively that the British said they lost the war BECAUSE of the direct involvement of those churches with their wild-eyed Pastors leading the way. And by the way: Jesus said He wasn’t sent to deal with the Roman government or He would have (Matthew 26:53). He had something more important to do, like save the world.

The bottom line… all authority is delegated by God. Who’re the best ones in our society to judge the performance of those authorities and their conformance to biblical principles that God wants them to follow? Obviously, it’s the Church so it has a biblical RESPONSIBILITY to be involved in the political process, as much as possible.

Submitted by Dr. Bill Miller, Granbury, Texas. Dr. Bill is the founder of Make A Way Ministries, a nationally recognized credit and financial counseling ministry. He has written hundreds of articles and more than 40 books over the past thirty-plus years eleven of which are presently available on Amazon. In late 2018, Dr. Miller published an important book on the subject of national border integrity called The Truth about Open Borders explaining from Scripture God’s views on borders. He can be reached at or 817-533-9499.

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