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Stand Tall When They Accuse You

By Fritz Berggren, PhD

In 1517 Martin Luther nailed his beliefs to the door of the Cathedral in Germany — this was utter defiance against a church that had enslaved its own people with guilt and shame and moral condemnation.

Luther was a priest. He has done penance. He had gone to confession. He had given his money and gone on pilgrimage and crawled on his knees to atone for his everlasting shame and guilt.

And one day the Holy Spirit quickened the word of God in his heart — “the Just shall live by faith.”

And a firestorm of freedom and liberty cut loose in the European world. The bondage of sin was lifted from the backs of men and they could stand tall. Men could pray directly to God, not through some intermediary that provided or withheld absolution from them. Jesus Christ was the direct intermediary between man and God, not a committee, not an organization, not a church. And men could read the Scriptures for themselves.

This was a radical departure from what had become the Roman Church which burdened men with guilt that could not be atoned for by themselves. It kept them bent over and shamed and cowed and controlled.

Jesus Christ did not call men to crawl on their knees. Christ excoriated the Jewish leaders for imposing upon men burdens that they could not bear, burdens that they would not bear themselves.

From Day One, Jesus Christ when head to head with the Pharisees and Sadducees because they rejected the faith of Abraham and Isaac and Jacob and imposed their own “traditions of the elders,” and “precepts of men.” They rejected — wholesale — the God of their ancestors and become one with those who killed the prophets — their ultimate act of defiance was to murder the Son of God Himself.

This evil spirit continues to stalk the Church and picks off unsuspecting Christians as they reject salvation by faith and seek to make their own righteousness — the righteousness of man. The Scriptures warn of this — those who slide back into their man-made morality.

Today the man-made religion has erected an entire set of moralities that are used to beat and humiliate men into obedience. And Christians have become partakers in these — it is as if the salvation of the blood of Jesus Christ is not good enough, so they supplement it with their own good works and then parade those good works in front of anti-Christ men to gain their approval.

What are these moralities? Don’t be “sexist,” “racist,” “homophobic,” “queerphobic,” “transphobic,” “anti-Semitic,” “intolerant,” “divisive,” or a “hater.” Any of the above are condemned as “Nazis,” and “Fascists,” are targeted for physical violence.

The Jews, most of all, ought to be ashamed of leading this program against people who dare to challenge their “traditions of men.” But they aren’t. They double down on it. They invent sins where there are no sins.

“Anti-Semitic,” is the sin of criticizing a Jew, or Judaism, or the current state of Israel. And that makes Jesus Christ and John the Baptist anti-Semites (never mind that the original meaning of the term “Semite” refers to all the sons of Shem, not just the Jews).  When Jesus Christ taught about hell, the number one audience of those sermons was the leaders of the Jewish religion.

The Judaizers are those who would impose a burden of morality that men were never meant to carry and for which there is no justification in the Holy Scriptures.

Patriarchy is the biblical standard — avoiding the charge of “sexism” is not.

Honoring one’s ancestors — one’s bloodline —is the biblical standard. Rejecting your ancestors and condemning them to earn the praise of men, and to avoid being called a “racist” is simply evil. When Jesus Christ called out the Jewish leaders about inventing their own traditions, it was specifically this commandment that Jesus defended just as the Jews were undermining it. One ought to be proud of one’s bloodline — the anti-Christs would turn us against our ancestors.

Marriage between a male and a female is glorious — homosexuality is an inversion of God’s perfect world before the Fall of man.

Getting along with anti-Christs is not virtuous — otherwise, Christ would have grovelled before the Jews — this he did not do. Nor Paul or Peter nor Stephen nor those who by faith were sawn two, eaten by lions, endured the lash and shame and fire all in defiance of those who rejected Jesus Christ as Lord and Redeemer.

One must mock Christians who have rejected the simple Gospel to earn the praise of men. No European man can unburden himself from the sins placed upon his back by the anti-Christs. These are meant to be unforgivable sins, and the White man is supposed to eternally do penance for the sins of existing as White people.  Penance is performed by crawling on one’s knees and kissing the feet of Blacks. Penance is done by ritual acts of self-abnegation, reparations, self-hatred, and the rejection of their own ancestors.

Never apologize for your ancestors — Honor your father and mother.

They impose upon the White European Christian a religious system wholly alien to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Men seem to prefer to earn their own salvation by penance and self-abnegation rather than standing in the liberty for which Christ has set them free.  This is slavery and it is a rejection of the simple Gospel of Jesus Christ.

It is not God who has put the eternal guilt of “sexist, racist, homophobic, queerphobic, transphobic, xenophobic, anti-Semitic, intolerant, and divisive” upon you. It is a thousand little religious men inventing their precepts and traditions against the Word of God. Stop bowing to them.

Stand up. Don’t apologize. The Just shall live by faith.

Submitted by Fritz Berggren, PhD. For more information and to read more of his articles, visit


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