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Theopolitics and the 2020 Elections

By Leo Jaloszynski

You, as an American citizen, will have the opportunity to vote in the next Presidential election, the 59th election since the founding of this great nation in 1776. Local, state, and  federal candidates will be on the voting booth ballots. As voters, we will be asked to trust that our votes will be honestly recorded and counted.

Our form of government exists as a “We the people” republic only as long as its citizens trust that those officials, they elect, will make laws that protect the inalienable rights gifted to them by the Almighty God revealed in the Bible.

From a book titled How Civilizations Die, by David Goldman, comes the important idea that, as patriots, we must come to understand theopolitics. Theopolitics is the study of the powerful impact that religious beliefs and aspirations have on world events. Especially the impact on American presidential elections. Another must read book, written in the year 2020, titled The Iron Triangle, by Vincent Everett Ellison, explains how and why the Black preacher, Black civic organizations, and Black politicians are the trifecta that keeps a stranglehold on 90-percent of the African American vote for Democrats.

Civilizations and nations begin to die when the people lose faith in the God who created them. When people begin to put more faith in their government houses than their prayer houses, they begin to embrace self-destructive behaviors. When Biblical foundations begin to crumble, i.e. prayers in school, killing of babies in the womb, and the marriage of one man and one woman for a lifetime, a culture cannot long survive.

The Democratic party desires to proudly transform our country by destroying everything that has made our nation great. “Blessed by God is the nation whose God is the Lord” warns Psalm 33:12.

Vincent Ellison is a black author who does a marvelous job of laying out the long history of the Black community in America. He summarizes how the “sins of pride, unforgiveness, and envy are front and center in Black America, while guilt and condemnation confounds much of America” (pg 171) He utilizes and explains how the psychiatric terms called “Stockholm syndrome and cognitive dissonance” play such a powerful role in shaping the voting behaviors of the Black community in America. Even though the Black community remains strong in their Christian beliefs, they vote into office those Democrats that publicly mock and legislate against those beliefs.

Both authors remain hopeful of America’s future as a nation remains willing to heed the warnings  of prophetic voices, crying out in the wilderness of our screens found everywhere.

Watchmen, like the Caprock Patriot, faithfully shout out encouragement to those who remain on the front lines of this cultural battle for the soul of our nation.

Submitted Courageously by Leo Jaloszynski (aka Pastor Ski), Re-fired Pastor (will never retire from serving the Lord), U.S. Marine – Semper Fi, Greensboro, NC (previous Pastor and friend of the Caprock Patriot Publisher).




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