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Thoughts on Simple Faith

By Joseph Mavilia

Reminder this is the celebration of St. Patrick a simple man who did extraordinary things in his world, that affected our world today. It is a reminder that simple, humble people are who make a difference.

My thoughts today come from God through Andrew Womack in his series on Staying Positive in a Negative World.

He reminds me of Ray Bradbury, Author and Screenwriter with such books as Fahrenheit 451, The Martian Chronicles and The Illustrated Man. He told me to write like I speak. Use simple language. He said he was an average student as I was, and I relate to him because he too was poor in grammar in school.

So too Andrew Womack preaches from a point of humility and calls himself a hick. But isn’t that who Christ chose as His disciples? Simple men and the least likely for the ministry to be chosen to take such an important word to the world. But Andrew reminds us that all, each of us, were commissioned to take the good news – the message of the bible – to all the world.

Andrew preaches in a simple no-nonsense way.

That takes me to Kirk Cameron who is a case in point, especially in his current 100-day American Campfire Revival talks. His messages began January 20, 2021. Kirk is not a pastor, preacher or in the clergy, and confesses that he was an atheist (the expected faith of the Hollywood crowd), but rather is now a student of and a follower of Jesus Christ. He is an actor and producer of many documentaries and movies. Some of my favorites include Monumental, Fireproof and Left Behind.

Kirk does not talk down to us but rather talks up to us as one of us, just as Jesus did when he chose common men to be his disciples and made fishermen into fishers of men.

That brings to mind the KISS principle, (keep it simple stupid) as we are told to be real. And when it comes to faith we are to get in touch with Christ in the simple way. We are to get on our knees humbly and give thanks, just as we are, and as He created us to be His friends. Then it will become a personal relationship with whom we were patterned after – in HIS image did He create us. Thus, His will is our will since we are ONE.

  • References:
  • Genesis 1:27
  • John 14 through 16
  • James 4:6-10
  • Jeremiah 29:11
  • 1 Timothy 2:3-4
  • 1 Thessalonians 5:18

Submitted by Joe Mavilia, author, journalist, syndicated columnist published in print media including the Los Angeles Times, The Golden Transcript – Colorado, La Feria News – Texas, The Pasadena Weekly – California, and others around the country, including,  Contributing editor, Content writer for, and columnist of Caprock Patriot.

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